Blame Israel

Hamas, an Islamic fundamentalist anti-Jewish organization, has attacked Israel and committed numerous incredible atrocities, like decapitating babies and raping and killing women in public. They proclaim to be and fight for the “Palestinian People”. Anti-Jewish hate demonstrations have popped up everywhere in the so-called “civilized” world celebrating this new height of bloody barbarism and blaming Israel for it. These deranged minds have wrapped themselves in the “Palestinian flag” in solidarity with the “Palestinian People” and their alleged fight for freedom.

But is there really a “Palestinian People”? Palestine is not a nation or a nation state or a country. The term refers to a geographic region located in the so-called Middle East that includes parts of modern-day Israel, Jordan, territories of the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip. The term is equivalent to terms like “Rhineland”, “Appalachia”, or the “Western Desert”. The region has a long and complex history.

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Ukraine — Again

In recent discussions with TikTok and RT viewers I heard the following arguments against supporting Ukraine against Russia’s war of aggression. They are also repeated in Mr. Putin’s argumentation that Ukraine is an integral part of Russia.

Ukraine is not really a genuine separate nation state.
Crimea has Russia’s most important warm water seaport.
The Ukrainians are actually Russians.
The Ukrainian language is only a Russian dialect.
We are pumping billions into Ukraine while our own southern border is overrun.
Ukraine does not deserve to be supported because it is corrupt.

Let us analyze these arguments.

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A hard decision for a bad actor

Dylan Mulvaney, a biological man, insists that he is a woman. However, his rendition of a female strikes me mainly as bad acting. He is “giving” an infantile teen girl. His impersonation of femininity is an insult to females and a travesty of womanhood.

That aside, I assume that we all know by now that females have two X chromosomes while males have one X chromosome and one so-called Y chromosome, which does not look much like the letter Y at all. It looks more like a truncated X chromosome. These sex chromosomes are present in every body cell, and they determine in all mammals including humans, which sex an individual expresses.

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