Uh — the Glorious Soviet Union!

I always found it easy to learn another language provided I liked it. Russian was one of the languages I liked and so I took private lessons at the Cologne Berlitz School at age 16. But I had another motive, too. Those were the years when Communism began to become fashionable among my peers in capitalist Germany. Many people my age seemed to be magically attracted by it and by the Soviet Union as a model for social, economic, and political organization. The spell of Communism was always lost on me and with increasing frequency, I found myself involved in heated discussions with would-be Communists.

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Terms and Concepts as Weapons of Culture War

Legend tells that Kung Fu Tse, the great Chinese philosopher and administrator, when he was once asked what he would do first if he could become the emperor of China, replied: “I would define the concepts.” Kung Fu Tse understood that if you want to control how people act, you must control how people think. If you want to control how people think, you must control how they speak. And if you want to control how people speak, you must control language, i.e. the meaning of terms and of the concepts they refer to.

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Reverse Anthropology

By mid-April of 1977, I arrived by STOL aircraft on a piece of savanna in the middle of the tropical rain forest that was part of the Comisaría del Vaupés. From the “air strip” it was about a two-hour march through the teeming rain forest to get to the small settlement of Yebámasa Indians, I had selected as my study group. Of course, the Indians did not know that, and my sudden arrival was a surprise for them.

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The Long March Through the Institutions

The failed and frustrated Marxist revolutionaries became university professors and used their teaching positions to preach Marxism and educate young students to adopt the Marxist world view.

They became the educators of teachers, who then became the educators of school children.

They became judges and began to judge based on ideological principles instead of the principles of law and order. Read up on what’s going on at Yale Law School. You won’t believe it.

They became movie makers and made movies that favored and propagandized their own political and philosophical orientations in a subtle and subconscious way. Disney, Sesame Street.

They became journalists and twisted the truth to match their ideological bias. In fact, they converted journalism from a control institution that tells truth to power to a cheer leader group that tells lies to the people.

They became musicians and song writers who propagated hate, violence, reverse racism, and aggressive behavior.

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