Law, Justice, Righteousness, and the Constitution

I am a life member of the NRA. Every month I receive the NRA periodical “American Rifleman”. Every issue contains an article by Wayne Lapierre and every one of his articles invariably contains the words “law-abiding citizen”.

The argument is always that law-abiding citizens are entitled to owning and carrying firearms because they do not constitute a danger or threat to other citizens, as potential criminals, or to the government, as potential insurgents. I often wondered what we, the law-abiding citizens, would do, if the laws were no longer just. What if the government made a law that ruled that citizens may no longer own and carry firearms? Since gun owners are law-abiding citizens, would we then all abide by such gun-prohibiting law and surrender our firearms to the government like the British and the Australians did?

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Beware of Extreme Spirituality

Normally, we would consider spirituality as something positive, something refined and sublime as opposed to klutzy materialism and unreflecting this-worldliness. Many religions teach that true bliss is in the afterlife and that the world in which we spend our lives is just a miserable vale of tears. Is not transcending our material existence a “consummation devoutly to be wished”? What bad could possibly come from spirituality?
A lot of bad. You will be surprised. . .

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They Will Try to Kill Him

Over the last 20 years, the Democratic Party has moved more and more to the left and has now morphed into a Marxist globalist group that is under the spell of extremists like AOC, BS, and the Indian princess. Democrats are pursuing the so-called Green New Deal and they are acting as mandated by the globalist elite in the UN 2030 program and Klaus Schwab’s book “COVID 19 – The Great Reset”. Their goal is global governance, the end of free-market capitalism, of individual liberty, and of the sovereign nation state. They consider capitalism wasteful and unsustainable and have ordained the new liberal world order as global governance based on a centrally planned and controlled economy. As Mr. Schwab said in Davos: “In 2030 you will own nothing, but you will be happy.”

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Interdependent Destruction

In the first half of the 14th Century, a book was published in Latin about the deeds of the Romans. It was titled “Gesta Romanorum” and it contained the famous apocryphal saying: “Quidquid agis, prudenter agas, et perspice finem.” It means: “Whatever you do, do it prudently, and consider the end-result.”

The French sociologist Auguste Comte wrote: “Savoir pour prévoir, Prévoir pour prévenir”, which means “Know, so you can anticipate. Anticipate, so you can proact.” In other words: Knowledge is the foundation of prudent consideration.

The Roman Empire vanished, and we must hence conclude that they either failed to act in prudent consideration of the end-result or that they destroyed their own civilization by intent.

In his book “COVID 19 – The Great Reset” its author Klaus Schwab writes: “If just one word had to distil the essence of the 21st Century, it would have to be “interdependence”.

In an interdependent world, every action that is taken can have many far-reaching consequences and a lot of in-depth knowledge and prudent consideration may be required to correctly anticipate their combined end-result. If we find that our actions have consequences, which we had not prudently considered, we usually call them “unintended consequences”.

Our current government has taken a variety of actions that had, have, and will have far-reaching consequences. Let us consider three of them. . .

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Learning Politics with the Stomach

Things are becoming apocalyptic, yet I hear people criticize Democrats and Mr. Biden for acting stupidly or for being incompetent. These people have obviously not understood what is going on.

They do not realize that the disasters we see unfolding before our eyes are not mistakes or errors committed by ignorant or incompetent people. They are the planned steps of a systematic attempt to destroy capitalism, establish a centrally controlled government-run economy, and institute global governance.

If you read Mr. Schwab’s book “COVID-19 – The Great Reset” you immediately understand that this guy is selling the Man-Made Global Warming fairy tale as an indisputable fact. He claims that Capitalism is wasteful, unsustainable, and unfair. He sees himself as the knight in shining armor who fights to save the climate from change, the world from destruction, and humankind from extinction. . .

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