Interdependent Destruction

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In the first half of the 14th Century, a book was published in Latin about the deeds of the Romans. It was titled “Gesta Romanorum” and it contained the famous apocryphal saying: “Quidquid agis, prudenter agas, et perspice finem.” It means: “Whatever you do, do it prudently, and consider the end-result.”

The French sociologist Auguste Comte wrote: “Savoir pour prévoir, Prévoir pour prévenir”, which means “Know, so you can anticipate. Anticipate, so you can proact.” In other words: Knowledge is the foundation of prudent consideration.

The Roman Empire vanished, and we must hence conclude that they either failed to act in prudent consideration of the end-result or that they destroyed their own civilization by intent.

In his book “COVID 19 – The Great Reset” its author Klaus Schwab writes: “If just one word had to distil the essence of the 21st Century, it would have to be “interdependence”.

In an interdependent world, every action that is taken can have many far-reaching consequences and a lot of in-depth knowledge and prudent consideration may be required to correctly anticipate their combined end-result. If we find that our actions have consequences, which we had not prudently considered, we usually call them “unintended consequences”.

Our current government has taken a variety of actions that had, have, and will have far-reaching consequences. Let us consider three of them.

Energy and Fossil Fuels

Not quite two years ago, the USA was energy independent. We did not need to import any oil. In fact, we have more oil than we could consume and were able to export oil and natural gas. This moved us into a very strong political position and boosted our economy.

To save “the climate” our government stifled oil and gas production. Prospecting and drilling permits were withheld, and the construction of the Keystone pipeline was stopped. As a result, our national oil production went down dramatically. This destroyed hundreds of thousands of well-paying jobs. It created a Diesel and gasoline shortage, which pushed national average prices at the pump up to over 5.00 $ per gallon. Heating cost and the cost of transportation went up. As a result, consumer prices and, in particular, food prices soared. The cost of construction material also increased and the housing and building market came to a screeching halt. As the government continued to print money by the trillions to “help” with subsidies, it caused rampant inflation, which forced the government to increase the prime rate. Lending institutions tried to protect themselves against the vanishing buying power of the dollar by jacking up their interest rates.

In order to prevent the swift and total collapse of the US economy, the government had to try to buy oil again from Islamic oil countries, from, from Communist Venezuela, from the soon to be nuclear America-hating Iranian Theocracy, and from Russia, which had just attacked Ukraine (Putin just ordered Russia’s nuclear arms potential to go into high alert), creating a European energy crisis. To ease frustration at the pump, the Biden administration pumped a large portion of our strategic oil reserves into the commercial market – over 950,000 barrels were sold to Unipec, the trading arm of the China Petrochemical Corporation, which is wholly owned by the Chinese Government, i.e. by the CCP.

To save the climate, we have destroyed our own oil industry and the jobs it provided. We must again pay enormous amounts of money to countries that do not like us and wish us gone. We lost all our newly gained political clout that our energy autarky had provided us. And the climate is not one iota better off because foreign oil does not burn cleaner than domestic oil.

If the demise of our fuel production industry continues, we will soon not have enough or affordable enough fuel to continue private transportation. People won’t be able to drive any longer and will be pretty much immobilized in the rural parts of the USA. Even in more densely populated areas, people will not be able to get to the big shopping centers, which are typically not located in or near residential areas. Diesel shortages will mean disruption of the transportation of consumer goods. Not only will you not be able to afford what you need, it will just not be available any longer. People will be having heat strokes because they can no longer cool their homes. And they will freeze to death in Winter and their water pipes will burst, because they can no longer heat.

The food shortage caused by the fuel shortage will be exacerbated through the government mandate to use more solar and wind power and to increase the percentage of ethanol in fuel. Just look around and you will see that valuable agricultural soil is used increasingly for solar panels and windmills right where you live. This means that we will harvest less corn, and that of the less corn we will harvest, more will be used to make ethanol. Since the US is the world’s largest corn producer and exporter and since corn goes into foods products consumed by people worldwide and also into animal feeds, a shortage of corn will inevitably translated into a worldwide feed and food shortage.

An ill-considered energy policy will cause worldwide famine and will economically and politically weaken the USA.

COVID 19 Measures

As we know now, COVID 19 research was begun in North Carolina’s Research Triangle and later moved to Wuhan in China, when the NIH no longer considered it safe and politically opportune to continue this research in the USA. It is still not clear whether the virus escaped from Wuhan by accident, neglect, or intent. I would not rule out intent, since the Democrats needed a significant diversion and major pandemic that would permit them to use emergency measures that would facilitate their mega voter fraud in 2020.

In any event, the resulting public health crisis was dealt with by the US government – and that includes Trump – as a purely medical problem. Mr. Schwab mentions “…the human suffering and economic destruction cause by the pandemic”. He does not seem to understand that the pandemic caused problems with the upper respiratory system in older humans with preexisting comorbidities. The human suffering and the economic destruction were caused by the government prescribed remedies: the so-called “social” distancing, the mask masquerade, the school closings, the lock-downs of hundreds of thousands of small and medium businesses, the forced vaccinations with newfangled so-called “vaccines” that may have killed more people than the virus. The pandemic was falsely treated as a deadly disease like the bubonic plague that kills everybody who gets infected. The vaccination with ill-tested new mRNA vaccines was pushed by the government in complete disregard of the medical facts and our civil liberties, while proven treatments with Ivermectin, monoclonal antibodies, or Hydroxychloroquine (Resochin) were not made available and even prohibited. The “human suffering and economic destruction”, which Mr. Schwab correctly observed, were not caused by the pandemic but by the cure prescribed by the government. Schwab incorrectly surmises that the response of our government was the best of all possible responses – like Voltaire ironically lets Candide surmise that the world is the best of all possible ones.

If you tread a multi-dimensional problem like a one-dimensional problem, you are acting upon incorrect knowledge, your considerations will be wrong, and the end-result will be bad.  

Defund the Police

Police is primarily a law enforcement agency. Police is not primarily a citizen protection agency. Police does, however, protect citizens indirectly by being proactive and just through their mere presence.

If people were naturally law-abiding, no law enforcement would be needed. Morally strong people are few and far between and morally weak people are many. Not to mention those on the fence. Ne nos ducas in temptationem, we pray in the Catholic Pater Noster. Do not lead us into temptation. It is easier to remain law abiding when there is no temptation. The enforcement activities of the Police are aimed at protecting the lives and the property of the citizens. 

The 19th Century French socialist Pierre-Joseph Proudhon postulated “La propriété, c’est le vol”, which means “Private property is theft”. He believed that everything belongs to everybody and that there should not be any private ownership in particular of land, buildings, and production means. In his socialist dream state, “the people” would own everything collectively, which in all reality means that everything would be owned and controlled by the government. In such a state, police would have only one task: to protect the government and its property.

This is the model, which also Karl Marx adopted and which is postulated by radical left Democrats like AOC or Bernie Sanders (BS), today. They would like police to disappear so as to eliminate any counter force that could push back against communist thug organizations like BLM, Antifa, or Occupy Wall Street, etc. Ironically, one of their main arguments against the police is that they allegedly are racist and anti-black and that they arrest black people more than they arrest white people. That the crime rate of black Americans is significantly higher than their percentage of the US population does not seem to matter. Over the past three years we have seen many of our inner cities being burned down and vandalized by left thugs, who were often bussed to their next “deployment” in busses provided by George Soros funded organizations. But we have seen little police interference and often none. Burning homes and businesses. Dozens beaten and killed. But no Congressional inquiry into rioting or insurrection. As a consequence, many Americans have lost trust in the police. They have lost their trust in law and order. They believe now that they must protect themselves and have stocked up on guns and ammunition in anticipation of coming major civil unrest.

Not enforcing the law is almost as bad as not having any laws at all. Not enforcing the law promotes unlawful acts, and lawlessness become the norm. Our condition as a nation much resembles the condition of Western Europe after the demise of the Roman empire. Civil order collapsed and might made right. Seems we are headed in the same direction. Destruction of our police will have the end-result of the destruction of our civil society.

It is theoretically possible that our Communist Democrat government just acts in ill-considered ways and is overwhelmed by the unintended consequences of its own actions. But I find that hard to believe. I think they know exactly what they are doing and are doing it on purpose. They use the “Climate Crisis”, the “Covid Pandemic”, and “Racism” as global problems to which global responses need to be found and implemented. Global responses can only be found via global governance. Global governance requires the abolition on the nation state and of free-market capitalism.

The globalist collectivists are well aware of the patterns of interdependence that exist in our world. They consider them in their actions and the disastrous end-results – the destruction of our civilization, our national sovereignty, our economy, our value systems, and our wealth – are intended and deliberately implemented and orchestrated. And they don’t care about us, the “deplorables”. They are not democrats. They are elitists.    

The damages they inflict upon our lives are not cause by ignorance, incompetence, or ineptitude. They are the orchestrated and systematic destruction of the “old world order” using its complexity and interdependence to facilitate its demise.

Cynicism pure.    

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