Illuminated Doodoo

On May 1, 1776 (yes, you read right) Adam Weishaupt, then 20 years old and professor of Canonic Law, founded the “Order of Perfectibles” (Bund der Perfectibilisten) in Ingolstadt, Bavaria. It was later renamed the “Illuminati” society. Its symbols were Minerva’s owl of wisdom and God’s all-seeing eye – not of the God of the Christians but of some undefined higher being, which the Illuminati recognized as the creator of the universe. May 1st also happened to be the day of “Walpurgisnacht”, the ancient German celebration of witchcraft.

There is an affinity between the concepts of “illumination” and “Satan”. ‘illuminare’ from the Latin ‘lux’ = ‘light’, is Latin for ‘to make light’ or ‘enlighten’. Satan’s name is ‘Lucifer’ = ‘the light carrier’. It has often been claimed by Satanists that Satan was the first ‘illuminatus’ or intellectual (Saul Alinsky). Not sure if the same claim was ever made by the Illuminati themselves.

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Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf

‘Democracy’ is a word made from the Greek words ‘demos’ and ‘cratein’, ‘the people’ and ‘to rule’, meaning that the people should rule. The Greek philosopher Polybios believed that forms of government follow each other and develop out of each other in a cyclic pattern.

Looking at the American experiment today, it seems that Polybios had a point. We seem to be at the point where the rule of a legitimate elite (the best) has turned into the rule of the worst and we are headed toward mob rule again, all the while officially calling our system “democratic”.

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The Concept of Race – is it good for anything?

Races have been defined in the past almost solely based on morphological markers such as skin color, head shape, nose shape, and hair type. Attempts have been made to define human race groups based on blood type or genetic markers, but it was found that there are virtually no genetic markers that coincide with the groups defined based on morphological markers. An individual placed morphologically in one race may end up in another one based on genetics.

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