The Marginalization of African Americans through Illegal Immigration.

When I look at the endless stream of young male illegal immigrants flowing across our southern border, I have to ask myself, what the likely consequences might be of this ongoing event. Proponents of illegal immigration typically make no difference between legal and illegal immigration. Their most frequently heard arguments in favor of illegal immigration are approximately these four:
No human being is illegal. These are just undocumented immigrants.
Illegal immigrants are fleeing from political persecution.
Illegal immigrants fill all those jobs in our economy that pampered Americans do not want to have.
Illegal immigrants are only illegal because our laws make them illegal. Therefore, we must find ways to citizenship for them.

Let me discuss these arguments.

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Boycott ‘Woke’ Companies

It used to be a cardinal rule of business to never discuss politics. Today, many business companies have chosen to alienate half of the country’s consumers/voters by smearing Donald Trump, Conservatives, Constitutionalists, and Republicans, attacking voting integrity laws, pushing for censorship of conservative speech, pushing ESG, and fomenting the toxic culture war waged against the rest of us by the extreme left wing of the Democratic Party, including by pushing the false and racist narrative of systemic racism.

Here is a list of woke businesses whose goods and services you should not buy if you consider yourself a constitutional conservative and a liberty-loving citizen. Buy from businesses that are not on the list, if possible.

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Raise Taxes to Stop Inflation? Are You Nuts?

During a regular Democrat press conference on Monday April 25, 2022, Senator Chuck Schumer said this:

“If you want to get rid of inflation, the only way to do it is to get rid of a lot of the Trump tax cuts and to raise rates.”

The context makes it clear that he meant: raise tax rates. In other words, Senator Schumer believes or wants us to believe that inflation can only be reduced by levying more taxes.

Senator Schumer graduated in 1974 from Harvard Law School and immediately became a career politician the very same year. I could find no evidence that he never practiced law or that he ever operated or owned a business. His entire adult life he has been a public “servant”, i.e. his income came from tax money. Apparently, he also never learned even the basics about inflation and the economy.

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Oil and Natural Gas — the Life Blood of our Technical Civilization

We use oil to make gasoline, Diesel oil, heating oil, asphalt and road oil, hydrocarbon gas, jet fuel and aviation gasoline, kerosene, waxes, petroleum coke, petrochemical feed stock (used to make plastics), special naphtha, paints, lubricants, and a host of chemical and pharmaceutical products, which are used in our medical and healthcare systems. We use natural gas in similar ways and also to produce ammonia, which is the raw material from which most modern agricultural fertilizers are made. Without these ammonia-based fertilizers we would not be able to feed all the people in the world. Without oil and natural gas, our technical civilization would come to a screeching halt.

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What Stimulates the Economy and what is Inflation?

Many people believe that government spending of tax money creates an extra stimulus to the economy. This belief is wrong. Here is why: If a person earns e.g. $100 through work in the free market and the government takes away – say – $30 in taxes, the government can now spend the $30 for goods and services in the marketplace, while the earner (taxpayer) can now only spend the remaining $70. At best, the combined effect would be the same as if the earner had been allowed to keep and spend his/her $100. In either case, $100 would have flown into the economy to stimulate it. The part of the $100 that was taxed away and then spent by the government, produces no additional stimulating effect for the economy. . .

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