The Marginalization of African Americans through Illegal Immigration.

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When I look at the endless stream of young male illegal immigrants flowing across our southern border, I have to ask myself, what the likely consequences might be of this ongoing event. Proponents of illegal immigration typically make no difference between legal and illegal immigration. Their most frequently heard arguments in favor of illegal immigration are approximately these four:

  1. No human being is illegal. These are just undocumented immigrants.
  2. Illegal immigrants are fleeing from political persecution.
  3. Illegal immigrants fill all those jobs in our economy that pampered Americans do not want to have.
  4. Illegal immigrants are only illegal because our laws make them illegal. Therefore, we must find ways to citizenship for them.

Let me discuss these arguments.

  1. Of course, no human being is illegal as such. The argument takes the word “illegal” literally as an adjective to “immigrant”. Language is not just words but meaning within a context. The word ‘legal’ comes from the Latin word ‘lex’, which means ‘law’. The adjective ‘legal’ then means ‘lawful’ or ‘according to the laws”. The prefix ‘ill-‘ is a negation and means as much as ‘not’ or ‘non’. This makes ‘illegal’ ‘not lawful’ or ‘not according to the laws’. Nothing can be illegal if there is no law prohibiting it. Our immigration laws clearly prohibit entry into our country in any way other than via the legal administrative process of vetting and verification. This process is supposed to make sure that the applicant is not a criminal, that he or she does not carry a contagious disease, that he or she has marketable skills that would allow the applicant to support him/herself, and that the applicant does not come with heinous intentions. All very reasonable. I am a legal immigrant and had to go through this process myself. Circumventing or avoiding this administrative vetting process required by our immigration laws violates these immigration laws and is therefore an illegal action. An immigrant whose first action is to break our laws is rightfully called an illegal immigrant.
  2. Very few illegal immigrants are fleeing from political persecution. Most illegal immigrants are running away from tough economic conditions and other unfavorable circumstances like lack of freedom or unavailability of jobs and they are running to the USA to get on the gravy train. Free cash, free clothing, free housing, free food, free transportation, free medical treatment, free cell phones and in many places a social security number and a driver license, so they can vote, although they are not US citizens. For the few that claim that they are truly threatened by death or imprisonment due to their political opinions or actions in their home countries we have only their words that these circumstances do indeed apply. It is one of the objectives of the vetting process to determine whether or not such claims are supported facts. Even our government admits that among the millions of illegal immigrants there are hundreds who belong to terrorist organizations and drug cartels. These folks do not come here with good intentions, and too many of them can sneak in undetected. Not because, as our government representatives like to say, “our immigration law is broken”, but because our government has chosen not to enforce our immigration law.
  3. Have you tried to get a new roof or buy a metal garage in the last three years? If you did, you will have noticed that most or even all of the workers were Latinos. If you have any roofers, other construction workers, fishermen or boat builders among your friends, you must have heard from them that most have lost their jobs and been replaced by Latinos, or Vietnamese. The sole reason for this is that the illegal immigrants work for much less than American workers could, would, and should. American entrepreneurs hire them and not only pay them much less but also avoid paying withholding taxes for their work. The exact opposite of the pro-illegal-immigration argument is true: it is not that illegals take the jobs American citizens have abandoned; it is that American citizen have to abandon their jobs, because illegals work for less and pay no taxes.
  4. Listening to Kamala Harris speaking about immigration, one gets the impression that the real problem is not massive illegal immigration but the refusal of the American society and political bodies to make the illegals legal, i.e., give them “a pass to citizenship”. The political calculation behind this argument is that the Democratic Party hopes that all these millions of illegal Latino immigrants will eternally vote for the Democratic Party out of gratitude for making them legal immigrants. The entire event is a power game with the illegal immigrants being the pawns. We are not the country of the Wild West any longer. We are a complex economy and society with an expensive social welfare and healthcare system. No country can afford to allow millions of people into its social welfare system, who have never contributed a penny to it and probably will contribute very little in their lifetimes. We are rewarding these law breakers with generous gifts. Cash, free medical care, free housing, free food. And how do we pay for it? Well, in the same way we are paying for all the other things we cannot afford: we tax, we borrow, and we print money. More taxes make all of us poorer. Borrowing from other countries costs interest – at present already in the billions – and printing money causes inflation. It devaluates the Dollar, drives up prices and interest rates and reduces the working citizens’ net available income. In other words: our own “democratic” government robs us blind and ruins our currency and our economy in order to eternalize its hold on political power.

This is bad for all of us. But it has a special angle for African Americans. Just look at some of the numbers from our government’s own statistics. Here is the population development of African Americans vs. Latinos (absolute numbers in millions plus percentage of US population per annum):

It is interesting to note that in 1790 African Americans had the highest percentage of the US population ever so far and that the number of 800,000 African Americans for that year roughly corresponds to the number of African slaves directly imported into the USA. Today, Latinos make up approximately 1.6 times the percentage of African Americans of the US population or 60% more than African Americans. There are about 52% more (21.2 million) Latinos in the USA today than African Americans. This development has happened over the brief time span of 40 years from 1980 to 2020 and it has recently accelerated as millions of Latinos cross the border into the USA illegally every year.

In 40 years, the number of Black people in the US population has increased by just 0.8%. During the same period, the number of Latinos increased by 4.3%, i.e., 5.4 times faster than the Black population! Projections for 2060 look like this:

Latinos:27.5% of the total US population
African Americans:15.0% of the total US population
White Americans:44.3% of the total US population

In the United States, the highest fertility rates (per 1,000 women ages 15-44) during 2019-2021 (average) were:

Black people60.2

According to various sources, twelve million illegal immigrants have entered the USA since Biden took office. They do not show up in Census documents and official statistics. Latino numbers rise faster than those of any other population segment not only because of massive legal and illegal immigration but also because Latinos have more children than any other segment of the US population. The actual numbers for Latinos are significantly higher than the official numbers, because the vast majority of illegal immigrants are not recorded.

The illegal influx of Latinos into the USA is not only tolerated but massively facilitated and supported by the Democratic Party and the current Democratic government. This policy inevitably promotes the continued and probably also permanent marginalization of African Americans. Also, in 2019, 91% of the Latino population identified as white! If this trend prevails, there will be almost twice as many Latinos in the USA as African Americans in 2060 and most of these Latinos will identify as white. Did the Dems miscalculate? But even if they did, should African Americans support a political party that aims at marginalizing them for the sole purpose of holding on to power?

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