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Two days before the New Hampshire Republican Primary, my old friend, Richard Feldman, former Executive Director of the American Shooting Sports Council, and current President of the Independent Firearms Owners’ Association, wrote me an email stating that he kept silent too long and that he now needs to endorse Nikki Haley. He wrote:

“Firearms owners across the country demand that an American President stand firm in support of our cherished Bill of Rights, including the 2nd Amendment that protects our right to keep and bear arms.

Donald Trump will not be such a President. While on occasion he has sought the votes of firearms owners, he has elsewhere made it painfully clear that he will “terminate all rules, regulations and articles, even those found in the Constitution” to have his way on any issue. Trump has stated he intends to be an absolute dictator on day one of his administration. Just one day, one is one too many! His unprincipled “Art of the Deal” mentality and his oft demonstrated lust for unrestrained personal power means that no Trump commitment to any position can be trusted. … In simple terms, we have no confidence in Trumps’ pledge to uphold and protect the gun rights of law-abiding citizens”.

I answered:

“Now you lost me. Trump has been fighting the deep state and became its victim. Trump has reduced government regulations. Trump has tried unsuccessfully to stem the influx of illegal immigrants. Trump has improved our economy and the lives of millions of Americans. Trump made the US energy autarch. He reduced our dependence on China and regained our political freedom in foreign politics. Trump has been a staunch supporter of the 1st Amendment and the 2nd Amendment. He has criticized censorship and the abuse of social media and the Internet for misinformation and disinformation. And the Constitution is not cast in concrete. It can be changed and has been changed. There are constitutional ways to do that and there is nothing wrong with trying. I for my part would wish the Constitution had teeth. Our current government has zero respect for the Constitution and keeps violating it but there is no penalty for violating the Constitution. If Trump were to try to enact an Amendment that provides penalties for disregarding the Constitution, I would be all for it. Trump did indeed say that he would want to be a dictator for one day if became President again. He was referring to the use of executive orders, which he sees as quasi dictature. He meant this tongue-in-cheek implicitly criticizing Biden for his excessive use of executive orders. Trump sometimes has a strange sense of humor. Unfortunately, progressives have no sense of humor. Calling Trump a dictator is outright ridiculous. 

By contrast, the Democrats have turned into a radical socialist and globalist party. They have tried to destroy Trump with false accusations and are still abusing our legal system in an attempt to prevent him from running again. Their lawfare is based on drummed-up and freely invented accusations. Biden’s government has ruined our economy, destroyed our energy basis, resumed our dependence on China and foreign oil producers who hate the USA, pulled out of Afghanistan in a treasonous manner, tolerated and supported communism-inspired rioters who destroyed our cities, abandoned law and order, and allowed civil security to disappear. Democrats are supporting wokeness and other pernicious ideologies as well as sex change in minors and they are using our education system as a brain washing machine to stupefy our youth. They are supporting all sorts of censorship and are making one assault after another on our 1st and 2nd Amendment rights. 

You are criticizing Trump for exactly the type of anti-democratic behavior that the Democrats are showing. Nikki Haley is certainly a capable person. But she is a RINO and her campaign has been partly financed by democrat sponsors and left-leaning Trump haters who try to use her as a Trump stopper. In order to get this country out of the mega-mess we are in, we need more than just a run-off-the-mill politician. We need an extraordinary person who is not controlled by the system, the deep state, or any political party. As far as I can tell, that leaves only Mr. Trump. I also like Ramaswami and I think he will go far and may well become the next President in 2028 or 2032. As things look at present, Ms. Haley does not stand the shadow of a chance to become President. This is why my money and my vote go to Mr. Trump.” 

Mr. Feldman responded:

“Oh poor poor Donald Trump. If he’s a victim of anything other than his own narcissistic indulgences then I’m the pied piper of Hamlin (sic !). The confederacy in 1861 was not the threat to our democratic Republic that trump (sic !) represents. No one who wants to be dictator is appropriate for the presidency. EVER! He is inappropriate at best and a felon traitor at worst. Look at the disgusting creatures that surround him. No, this ship has sailed.”

My old Math teacher used to say “Some never learn it. Other even later. Right Deltgen?” Indeed. Right Mr. Feldman? I hope your ship does not pull too much water.

Mr. Trump was and is convinced that he lost the 2020 election through massive election fraud on the part of the Democrats. This massive election fraud, if it did indeed happen, would be a death blow to the Constitution. And our current government has shown again and again that it does not respect the Constitution. If Trump is right with his assertion, would that not destroy the very foundations of our democratic system of transition of power? Would he and we, the People, not have to rightfully conclude that our government does no longer have the consent of the governed and that the governed therefore, as the founding fathers argued, have the right to establish a new form of government that better protects their rights? And if the government was convinced that Mr. Trump was wrong with his allegation of massive election fraud, why did the government not simply establish an independent commission to investigate this allegation and document and publish the findings so that we the people can have trust in the integrity of their electoral system again?

In nuce, Feldman is regurgitating the main election mantra of the Dems: “Trump is a Hitler”. Hm … well let us compare.

Hitler grew up in poverty and became a mediocre painter. He accomplished very little in his early years, except that he was a good soldier in the German Army in WWI. He showed courage and earned a military decoration.

Hitler had a very good memory, and he was a good public speaker. He had a photographer who trained him in the use of dramatic, even demonic gestures and postures in order to emotionalize his public speeches. Every move Hitler made as a public speaker was studied, rehearsed, and entirely staged. Nothing was spontaneous. And, as seems to be case with most socialists, Hitler had no sense of humor.

By contrast, Trump’s trademark is his loose improvised hip-shooting style of public speaking that is characteristic for Trump. Trump often uses colloquialisms and spices his speeches with humoristic remarks. He speaks from the heart and rarely sticks to the teleprompter text – much to the chagrin of his staff. This impromptu spontaneous speaking of his mind is what has created a bond between Trump and many Americans. They think it and feel it. Trump says it. Consequently, his adversaries bash him as a “populist”. The term comes from the Latin ‘populus’ = ‘the people’. It is synonymous with the Greek-derived term ‘demos’, which also mean ‘the people’. A populist president then is a president of the people or for the people. If nothing is wrong with ‘democracy’ = ‘rule of the people’, why then would there be anything wrong with a ‘populist President’ = ‘President of the people’?

However, what the socialist globalists dislike most about Trump is not that he is a populist but that he is a nationalist. This is why they call him a Nazi. Anything ‘national’ is branded ‘Nazi’ these days. The Trump haters do not seem to know that ‘NAZI’ is spun off from ‘SOZI’, a German acronym for “Sozialist”. A NAZI is a Nationalsozialist, In the term ‘national socialist’, the term ‘national’ is a qualifying adjective to the noun ‘socialist’. This means that Hitler’s party was first and foremost a socialist party and then it was a national socialist party. Hitler’s NAZIs were socialists. To call Trump a Nazi, shows profound ignorance of both history and language.

Trump was born rich and achieved a great deal of success as a businessman. He got an excellent education, and he excelled in particular as a negotiator, something Mr. Feldman sees as a lack of principledness. Indeed, Trump is everything Hitler was not. And he does not become one when you paint him a Hitler mustache. And Trump has something totalitarians lack: a sense of humor and self-irony. He understands that communication is not words but intended meaning within a given context, a fact that seems to be completely lost on Lefties.

This is just too stupid to be taken seriously.

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