They only served the law – “Justice” as a political weapon.

When Stalin wanted to get rid of his political rivals or just of people he feared or disliked, he often sent agents of the secret state police, the Наро́дный комиссариа́т вну́тренних дел (NKVD), a euphemism, meaning People’s Commissariat for Internal Affairs. Mostly, the person he disapproved of would just be arrested, whisked away, and executed in a dark cell of the Lubyanka prison or disappeared in a Siberian GULAG.

But eventually, Stalin wanted something more spectacular. A procedure that would crush and destroy his adversary and mark him in the eyes of the Soviet population and the global public (the world press) as a common criminal, whose destruction is well deserved by his unlawful actions. This was typically accomplished by a political show trial.

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What is Hamas?

Hamas is an Islamist militant movement and one of the Palestinian territories’ two major political parties. It governs more than two million Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, but the group is best known for its armed terrorist actions against Israel.

Hamas has fired rockets and mortars into Israel since the group took over the Gaza Strip in the mid-2000s. Iranian security officials have said that Iran provided some of these weapons, but that Hamas gained the ability to build its own missiles after training with Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and proxies.

In recent years, Israel estimated that Hamas and other Palestinian militant groups in Gaza had about thirty thousand rockets and mortars in their arsenal. Hamas militants have flown balloons carrying incendiary devices toward Israel, which have sometimes caused fires. The group has also carried out incursions into Israeli territory, killing and kidnapping soldiers and civilians.

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Tucker Carlson’s Interview with Vladimir Putin

Carlson’s interview avoided the key confrontational issues. The opening question should have been: “Mr. Putin, why did you order the invasion of a sovereign neighboring country, a UN member state?” Judging from Putin’s other responses he would probably have replied: “Ukraine is not a sovereign country. It has always been part of Russia. Both politically and culturally.” That reply would not have been supported by the historical facts. But what else could Putin have said?

When Carlson asked Putin if he would invade Poland, Putin said he would not do that because it “is not in Russia’s interest”. In other words: Putin deems any action he takes as justified as long as the action reflects the best interest of Russia – or what he thinks that is. This shows clearly that Putin is a “Realpolitiker”: He acts within the limits of what his power allows him to do. Considerations such as the right of a nation to exist as an independent nation state or limitations of international law are irrelevant to him.

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Trump = Hitler ?

Two days before the New Hampshire Republican Primary, my old friend, Richard Feldman, former Executive Director of the American Shooting Sports Council, and current President of the Independent Firearms Owners’ Association, wrote me an email stating that he kept silent too long and that he now needs to endorse Nikki Haley. He wrote:

“Firearms owners across the country demand that an American President stand firm in support of our cherished Bill of Rights, including the 2nd Amendment that protects our right to keep and bear arms. Donald Trump will not be such a President. While on occasion he has sought the votes of firearms owners, he has elsewhere made it painfully clear that he will “terminate all rules, regulations and articles, even those found in the Constitution” to have his way on any issue. Trump has stated he intends to be an absolute dictator on day one of his administration. Just one day, one is one too many! His unprincipled “Art of the Deal” mentality and his oft demonstrated lust for unrestrained personal power means that no Trump commitment to any position can be trusted. … In simple terms, we have no confidence in Trumps’ pledge to uphold and protect the gun rights of law-abiding citizens”.

I answered:

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1776 — The Right to Insurrection

The Declaration of Independence states the reasons why the Colonials wanted to become their own independent nation state and lists their grievances against the British rulers. They argue that they have repeatedly complained about the unjust and oppressive treatment they had to suffer under colonial rule and that their frequent complaints and requests for change amounted to nothing.

The authors of the DOI listed 26 grievances for which they did not receive redress despite their repeated petitions. Today, we face government not by a king but by non-elected deep-state officials who are in cahoots with excessively rich capitalists and international organizations like Mr. Schwab’s unelected World Economic Forum and the unelected United Nations and who are united in the belief in Man Made Global Warming, in the need to reduce world population, and in a vision of a future world as collectivist and controlled by some form of global governance. These groups, their convictions and underlying values, are attempting to destroy the nation state.

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Who are the Nazis?

On October 7, 2023, Hamas terrorists invaded Israel. They randomly killed over 2000 civilians and took several hundred hostages. They murdered partying teens, they murdered people in the streets, they murdered people in their homes, their beds, their cars. They raped women in public and murdered several dozen babies by gouging out their eyes and cutting off their heads. Vlad the Impaler appears like a true moderate compared to the atrocities committed by these bloodthirsty Islamic fanatics.

When Israel awakened from its shock and started to retaliate proclaiming that, this time, it would completely eradicate Hamas so as to make sure that something like this would never happen again, all hell broke loose. Demonstrations everywhere.

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One Man’s Meat is Another Man’s Poison

True. We do live in a world of good and evil. The problem is that one guy’s good is the other guy’s evil.

In the world of values- everything is indeed relative. But such incompatibility of values will spell the downfall of the human species. If we cannot somehow soon agree on a global ethical code, we are doomed, since we are now no longer clobbering up on each other with swords and spears but with nukes. Even a marginal guy like Kim Jong Un has the capability to start a nuclear war.

Yet, we cannot hope to agree on anything as long as each group of people firmly and unshakably believes that what it believes is the exclusive truth and that everybody else is just a bunch of offensive non-believers. It is this mindset, the mindset of the faithful believer come hell or high water, that makes finding common ground so difficult.

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Ukraine — Again

In recent discussions with TikTok and RT viewers I heard the following arguments against supporting Ukraine against Russia’s war of aggression. They are also repeated in Mr. Putin’s argumentation that Ukraine is an integral part of Russia.

Ukraine is not really a genuine separate nation state.
Crimea has Russia’s most important warm water seaport.
The Ukrainians are actually Russians.
The Ukrainian language is only a Russian dialect.
We are pumping billions into Ukraine while our own southern border is overrun.
Ukraine does not deserve to be supported because it is corrupt.

Let us analyze these arguments.

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A hard decision for a bad actor

Dylan Mulvaney, a biological man, insists that he is a woman. However, his rendition of a female strikes me mainly as bad acting. He is “giving” an infantile teen girl. His impersonation of femininity is an insult to females and a travesty of womanhood.

That aside, I assume that we all know by now that females have two X chromosomes while males have one X chromosome and one so-called Y chromosome, which does not look much like the letter Y at all. It looks more like a truncated X chromosome. These sex chromosomes are present in every body cell, and they determine in all mammals including humans, which sex an individual expresses.

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The Government Cargo Cult

When I was preparing for my research among the Yebámasa Indians of the Piraparaná in Colombia in 1977, I was given a research permit by the Colombian Government for the Curripaco Indians of the Comisaría del Vichada. My first step was to fly to the jungle town Mitú to speak with the Apostolic Missionaries and to find out from them who else was doing research in Vichada.

When I mentioned the “Curripaco Indians” the missionaries fell silent as if I had touched on a taboo. “Not a place you want to go,” one of them warned. It took a bit of poking and goosing but I finally found out why they were so apprehensive.

There was a civil war going on among the Curripaco Indians of the Vichada. They were killing each other, the missionaries, anthropologists, and white Colombians; and the situation was one of violence, chaos, and mayhem. I asked what had caused the Curripaco Indians, who were known to be quite peaceful, to suddenly become so aggressive and violent and was told the following story:

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