Who are the Nazis?

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On October 7, 2023, Hamas terrorists invaded Israel. They randomly killed over 2000 civilians and took several hundred hostages. They murdered partying teens, they murdered people in the streets, they murdered people in their homes, their beds, their cars. They raped women in public and murdered several dozen babies by gouging out their eyes and cutting off their heads. Vlad the Impaler appears like a true moderate compared to the atrocities committed by these bloodthirsty Islamic fanatics.

Considering that this was the worst mass murder of Jews since Auschwitz, Treblika, and Maidanek, the reaction of the Western World was rather hesitant and muffled.

When Israel awakened from its shock and started to retaliate proclaiming that, this time, it would completely eradicate Hamas so as to make sure that something like this would never happen again, all hell broke loose. Demonstrations everywhere. And while in the US college students and street demonstrators were spewing red hot hate of Jews and proclaiming their solidarity with the murderous Hamas terrorists, the American Vice President, Kamala Harris, went around the country preaching against “islamophobia” and collecting funds to help Palestinian children in Gaza. Not a word against Judeophobia or for help to Jewish children in Israel.

Jew-hate is engrained in the Qur-an and the Hadiths. Like all phobic hate, the pathologic Islamic Jew hate is rooted in deep feelings of inferiority and rejection. A “phobia” is an irrational fear that is not based in facts. Looking at the history and presence of Islam, it seems to me that much is to be reasonably feared about Islam and that the hatred of Jews in Islam is a typical phobia. There are psychological reasons for this.

When Mohammed began his work as a prophet, he had high hopes that the Jews would receive his teachings well and accept him as a prophet. He had originally planned to make Jerusalem the city of Islam and claimed to have travelled to Jerusalem by night. This is even mentioned in the Hamas charter. Deep was his disappointment when he was rejected and ridiculed by the Jews.

Mohammed had other run-ins with the Jews. The worst one happened during his war against the Meccans. He had recruited the Jewish clan of the Banu Qurayza to fight as his ally, but halfway through the battle, the Banu Qurayza abandoned the Prophet and went home. When the Meccans finally retreated, Mohammed took revenge. He surrounded the settlement of the Banu Qurayza and took them all prisoner. The males had to undress and those with pubic hair were all decapitated. The numbers vary in the sources, but apparently Mohammed’s soldiers cut off the heads of about 700-800 unarmed adult male Banu Qurayza. Mohammed himself participated actively in the beheadings.

Obviously, the Jews had deeply disappointed the Prophet and for that he hated them, and his personal hatred spilled over into the Qur-an and the Hadiths and from there into the Hamas Charter:

The Last Hour would not come until the Muslims fight against the Jews and the Muslims would kill them, and until the Jews would hide themselves behind a stone or a tree and a stone or a tree would say: ‘Muslim or Servant of Allah there is a Jew behind me; come and kill him’; but the tree of Gharqad would not say it, for it is the tree of the Jews.”

Hamas Charter, quoting the Hadith, Bukhari and Muslim.

The entire Hamas Charter bristles with hatred of Jews, Israel, and Zionists but also of “Crusaders”, Christians, Rotarians, Lions Club Members, Free Masons, Missionaries, and Orientalists, all of whom are seen by Hamas as Jewish/Zionist agents. The Hamas Charter even refers to the infamous “Protocols of the Elders of Zion”, an anti-Jewish forgery concocted by the Russian Secret Police.

The entire mentality underlying the Hams Charter strikes me as deranged, as a form of pathological paranoia that is as sick as the mentality of many of those in the USA and elsewhere who declared their solidarity with Hamas. Nota bene: Hamas, although itself a Sunni organization, is supported by the Iranian Shiite Mullah regime, which is adamantly opposed to male homosexuality (they call it sodomy), transgenderism, lesbianism, the entire Western LGBT etc. phenomenon. In Iran, gays are hung on lantern poles. And American gays and transgender folks proclaim their solidarity with the Iran-controlled Hamas?

Islam is the only major religion that still, at least implicitly, endorses slavery. And BLM endorses Hamas, a terror organization that is explicitly based on Islam?

Does it get any dumber? – It does.

The Hamas Charter calls the Jews “Nazis”.

Here is a picture of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Amin al-Husseini, in a meeting with Adolf Hitler in Berlin in 1941, discussing the formation of an Islamic or Arabic Legion that would help the Nazis win the war and eradicate the Jews.

The next picture shows Husseini in front of the newly established Nazi Muslim military formation with his hand raised in the typical Hitler salute.

So, who are the Nazis?

The reaction of the world, in particular of younger people, but also of the UN and the EU, and of many US politicians and other public figures in support of the brutal Hamas murderers reconfirms that the Jews must hold on to the sliver of land that has been their homeland since Joshua’s invasion and was re-granted them by a majority of the members of the UN in 1947. Obviously, they cannot trust to be able to live safely anywhere else.

Uh – but the Israelites were invaders, true? – True. And so were all the other ethnic groups that ended up living in the area including the Philistines, after whom the Romans renamed Judea when they expelled the Jews from it.

As an American by choice, I am ashamed for America. I apologize to the Jews and Israel for my country’s embarrassing stupidity and morally indefensible reaction.

If I were the doctor of the universe and I had to examine mankind, my diagnosis would be: seriously sick, a case of serious delusional mental derangement and moral degeneration. The entire social, psychological, and cultural atmosphere reminds me eerily of the late 1920s in Europe.

I can only hope that Israel will not let herself be conned again into another foul compromise. This time, the Hamas Islamo-Nazis must be uprooted and destroyed.

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