Land of the Free and Home of the Brave?

Seems to me we are losing either way. If we do not revolt against this ruinous regime we lose our republic and our democracy and it we do revolt, we also lose our republic and our democracy. So, is there any way out of this conundrum? We wait patiently? We do nothing because if we did anything we might end up in prison? We hope the system can still cure itself?

I am beginning to wonder if there is a “too far” for the free and brave.

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The Solutrean Hypothesis

Until recently, the common theory about how North America was populated was that the first humans migrated to Alaska from North East Asia and then moved on into the plains and to the East. The theory also asserted that the Clovis culture was the Neolithic culture of these early immigrants and that the American Indians are offspring of the Clovis people and the “native” population of North America.

However, the “Bering Strait” theory, as some call it, is unable to explain certain facts.

And perhaps therefore, it recently (2012) got competition: the Solutrean hypothesis.

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Ad Hominem vs. Ad Rem (Hairdo or Country)

Politics, I said, is a pig-wrestling event and if you wrestle with pigs you may get dirty. And what is more important – that a president accomplishes the right things for his country or that he speaks in mild-mannered and polished ways while inflicting disaster upon his country – like Mr. Obama, for example?

I reminded him to consider how Trump was treated by his political opponents. Two impeachment attempts, the freely invented Russian Collusion hoax, investigation after investigation, false accusation after false accusation. The entire deep-state government was weaponized against him, never mind the Constitution or the rule of law.

Falsehood after falsehood. And then you condemn the man if he uses a cussword? Seems to me like accusing a rabbit of running against the one-way street while trying to escape a wolfpack.

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Brown Bomber vs Nazi Superman – a lesson in humanity

Both Louis and Schmeling became political figures when the Nazis came to power in Germany. Hitler tried to placate Schmeling as proof of the superiority of the Arian race, while Joe Louis was seen, by black and white Americans alike at the time, as the litmus test that a democracy was better than fascism.

On June 19, 1936, Joe Louis and Max Schmeling faced off against each other in New York’s Madison Square Garden. The fight had to be postponed for a day due to bad weather and the New York Times wrote: “Schmeling’s execution was delayed.”

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