Land of the Free and Home of the Brave?

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For over three generations our “education” system has brainwashed our youth to believe into the new secular religion of man-made global warming, systemic racism, equity of outcome, and emotion over empirical fact.

Democrats have systematically destroyed our election system by large scale voting fraud and by rejecting simple controls against fraud like voter IDs and one-day paper vote as discriminatory against colored people. Apparently, Dems believe that being dark-skinned makes people stupid. Could that be racist?

Our universities and colleges have been turned into expensive entertainment centers. Critical free thinking has been outlawed. Students and professors who fail to fall in line with the leftist credo have no future in academia.

Our public-school system has fallen under the dictatorship of the Teachers’ Union, a died-in-the-wool collectivist and totalitarian culture-war organization. Its main goal is not to make sure teachers know their subject matters and how to teach them effectively but to impregnate young Americans with socialist values and to train them to adopt collectivist patterns of behavior. Outer direction over inner direction. Competition is bad. Striving to excel is bad. Losers win. Any thought or behavior not in sync with the peer group are anti-social. Creativity, originality, productivity, and independent thinking and acting are out. Conformity and mediocrity, feeling offended and entitled are in.

Our public-school system is the most expensive in the world. We spend ca. $13,000 per student per year, more than any other country. Yet, in a 2019 international comparison of student performance done by the Pew Research Center, the US ranked 24th in science, 39th in math, and 24th in reading skills. Since then, US student performance has further declined. That public schools are failing our children is obviously not due to lack of funding. The only explanation I have is that too many of our teachers are inept and/or more concerned with helping their students to change their sex than with teaching them basic skills and knowledge.

The FBI has been turned into a KGB-like institution. The Department of Justice and our legal system have been weaponized to be used against political opponents. Criminals are allowed to walk free and become repeat-criminals, and ideologically propped up street thugs, who burn down our inner cities and beat and kill police and citizens are excused while people who have peacefully protested against perceived voter fraud are incarcerated for years without trial and accused of violent insurrection without evidence.

Our southern border has ceased to exist. Millions invade our country unchecked bringing with them violent crime, human trafficking, tons of fentanyl, diseases we thought had been long eradicated, and terrorists, who enter our country as sleepers to prepare for future acts of terror. Our government lets this all happen while accusing white Christians of supremacism and domestic terrorism.

Our cabinet looks like a freak show. Our soldiers look increasingly like drag queens or Mont Martre prostitutes. The letter folks are pushing their agenda, values, and life styles increasingly into public life and popular culture in an attempt to convince us that being gay, lesbian, trans, or queer etc. is the new normal, and that the binary concept of sexuality is antiquated and out. Our Secretary of Transportation, who looks like a man, keeps taking maternal leave. Judges of the Supreme Court cannot define what a woman is. And men can be pregnant and give birth. In short, insanity has become the norm.

The Global Warmers have destroyed our energy autarky. They have made us dependent on energy supplies from our enemies with not a single CO2 molecule less in the atmosphere. While the US is bumbling into an unsustainable energy situation in order to save “the climate”, the Chinese are building more coal power plants than the entire rest of the world together.

All this is done to destroy our Judeo-Christian values and culture, our economy, and our society. The neo-Marxist collectivists have recognized that a socio-economic system can also be destroyed by destroying its “Ueberbau”, its superstructure, its culture. They are ruining our currency. They destroy our wealth through uncontrolled inflation. Ultimately, they will ruin the international banking system, as well and force us to use the government’s digital currency. When this happens, the last bit (pun intended) of our liberty will disappear, because the government will know about every transaction, even if you buy or sell a pair of old shoes at a yard sale.

Slavery must be re-defined as a digital phenomenon. The Internet started as the “information highway” and it deteriorated into a disinformation and propaganda highway. The First Amendment has been cancelled. Our government colludes with Big Tech companies to control what we are allowed to know, the words we are allowed to use, and ultimately our thoughts. Only now we begin to understand and uncover the massive disinformation campaign during the so-called COVID pandemic that was used to destroy our business structures, our social fabric, and our civil liberties.

Our military has become a joke. Our generals are more concerned about wokeness and equity than about killing our enemies efficiently. Our retreat from Afghanistan was shameful and treasonous. Who will ever trust us again? Who would ever want to cooperate with us again in a major military conflict? And we not only ran and left out friends behind, we also left billions of modern military equipment in the hands of our adversaries.

To a died-in-the-wool Marxist, this all makes perfect sense. Because for the ideologue, the purpose justifies the means. It’s all for the good cause, for the greater good. And since for the atheist materialist no transcendental moral values exist, everything is relative and what we consider evil, they may consider good, and vice versa.

Nobody has been a more significant roadblock standing in the way of the collectivist globalist steamroller than Donald Trump. (Maybe, recently Elon Musk has earned a second place.) Trump sees the nation state as a valid and effective organizational principle. He considered it his presential duty to act in the best interest of the American Nation State, as he swore in his oath of office. In the eyes of the Marxist globalist culture warriors this make him a Nazi. Trump’s staunchly nationalistic actions as US President have made him the devil in the eyes of the Left. This is why they tried and are still trying everything they can to prevent him first from becoming President, then from governing effectively, and now from running for office again.

Russian collusion. The Mueller investigation. The Ukrainian collusion. One impeachment while he was in office and a second one when he had already left office (duh). The January 6 investigation to show he incited the people to insurrection. And no evidence.

And now they indicted him for a misdemeanor with an expired SOL making a mockery of our legal system and using it as a political weapon to destroy Trump so he cannot run again. Welcome to the Banana Republic of the Socialist Soviet Union of America.

So, when will the revolution start? Not so fast, say the political pundits. Don’t riot. Remain quiet. This will all make Trump stronger. As the Prussian king posted when he lost the war against the French: “The king has lost a battle. Now it is the foremost duty of the citizens to remain quiet.”

Seems to me we are losing either way. If we do not revolt against this ruinous regime we lose our republic and our democracy and if we do revolt, we also lose our republic and our democracy. So, is there any way out of this conundrum? We wait patiently? We do nothing because if we did anything we might end up in prison? We hope the system can still cure itself?

The situation reminds me of a German-Jewish gullibility joke. A man speaks with the suitor of his daughter. “Young man,” he says, “you destroyed my business, you insulted my wife, you dishonored my daughter, you wasted my fortune, you slandered my good name, and you made a fool out of me in public. Don’t you go too far, young man!”

I am beginning to wonder if there is a “too far” for the free and brave.

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