Was Muhammed a white man with “blackophobia”?

As of July 1, 2020, African Americans represented 13.4 % of the total population of the USA. But approximately 24% of all Muslims in the USA are African Americans. This means that African Americans are nearly 100% overrepresented among Muslims. It would seem that the conclusion is not inappropriate that Islam must have a special attraction for African Americans.

If so, I cannot help but finding this rather odd, since Muhammed was probably white and had an aversion against everything black and since Islam did not only play a major role in the history of international slave trade but is also the only world religion that still endorses slavery, if only implicitly.

If you believe that my assertions are untrue, read the following explanations that are all based on accepted Hadith texts, the Hadith being the accepted stories about the life of the Prophet. I am providing the narrator, i.e., the person who reported the fact, and the reference. i.e., the Hadith source, where the text can be found. If you doubt the correctness of the English translation I am using, I can provide the Arabic text.

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1776 — The Right to Insurrection

The Declaration of Independence states the reasons why the Colonials wanted to become their own independent nation state and lists their grievances against the British rulers. They argue that they have repeatedly complained about the unjust and oppressive treatment they had to suffer under colonial rule and that their frequent complaints and requests for change amounted to nothing.

The authors of the DOI listed 26 grievances for which they did not receive redress despite their repeated petitions. Today, we face government not by a king but by non-elected deep-state officials who are in cahoots with excessively rich capitalists and international organizations like Mr. Schwab’s unelected World Economic Forum and the unelected United Nations and who are united in the belief in Man Made Global Warming, in the need to reduce world population, and in a vision of a future world as collectivist and controlled by some form of global governance. These groups, their convictions and underlying values, are attempting to destroy the nation state.

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Propaganda and mind control then and now

The Nazis controlled all print media, including book publishers. They also controlled the movie and entertainment industries, theaters, and opera houses. Goebbels’ ministry also decided what works of art could be produced to entertain the masses. And Goebbels’ control extended into minor details.

The Volksempfänger gave ordinary Germans access to entertainment and culture, but it also became an instrument of government control and manipulation and of the propagation of hate. The same can be said of social media today. Through censorship in cahoots with the deep state, collectivist organizations, and giant tech companies, they control, censor, and impede the free exchange of ideas, information, and opinions in a concerted attempt to silence conservative, constitutionalist, individualist, and nationalist voices and in flagrant violation of our First Amendment rights.

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