1776 — The Right to Insurrection

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The Declaration of Independence was mainly the work of Thomas Jefferson. Benjamin Franklin and John Adams reviewed his draft and made some changes, mainly blaming the British government and King rather than the British people. Congress adopted the final draft on July 4, 1776.

It is reasonable and plausible to consider the Declaration of Independence an integral part of the American Constitution. It is in fact the logical foundation on which the Constitution stands. Without the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution would make no sense.

The Declaration of Independence states the reasons why the Colonials wanted to become their own independent nation state and lists their grievances against the British rulers. They argue that they have repeatedly complained about the unjust and oppressive treatment they had to suffer under colonial rule and that their frequent complaints and requests for change amounted to nothing. Here are what I consider the most important words:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed, by their Creator, with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.–That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, that whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles, and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness.

Declaration of Independence, 2nd Paragraph

In other words: we the People, the average consumer and taxpayer, have unalienable rights that are granted to us by a power higher than government. Some of those rights are the right to live and stay alive, the right to be free, and the right to live a happy life.

The authors of the DOI listed 26 grievances for which they did not receive redress despite their repeated petitions. Today, we face government not by a king but by non-elected deep-state officials who are in cahoots with excessively rich capitalists and international organizations like Mr. Schwab’s unelected World Economic Forum and the unelected United Nations and who are united in the belief in Man Made Global Warming, in the need to reduce world population, and in a vision of a future world as collectivist and controlled by some form of global governance. These groups, their convictions and underlying values, are attempting to destroy the nation state. They equate nationalism with Nazi-ism, patriotism with fascism, and entrepreneurial initiative with greed. To them, inequality between humans, who are naturally unequal, is injustice. They want everybody’s life’s outcome to be the same regardless how much people may differ with regard to talent, perseverance, stamina, intelligence, creativity, imagination, self-motivation, energy, or sheer physical capability. To destroy the nation state as an organizing political principle they need to destroy national awareness, national pride, national identity, national politics, the national anthem, the national flag, and above all national borders. To achieve these goals, our current ruling elites, with the help of our education system and the media, have successfully undermined our democratic Republic at its very foundation. Here are my 26 grievances against our present government (and they could easily be twice as many). “To prove this, let facts be submitted to a candid world.”

  • They have undermined the principle that every human carries himself or herself the responsibility for his or her support and welfare, not the government.
  • They have, since the end of WWII, created a generation of Americans who are no longer proud of their country, who despise themselves, and who look to the government for all support throughout their lives.
  • They have destroyed the relationship between man and woman, and husband and wife, and thus destabilized the core family, which is the building block of every stable society.
  • They have destroyed women by rejecting natural femininity as a social construct.
  • They have destroyed men by rejecting natural masculinity as a social construct and as the dangerous (toxic) cause of all aggressiveness and violence on earth.
  • They have undermined our democratic system of transition of power by compromising the integrity of our electoral procedures through systematic, massive, and widespread voter fraud and through the influx of millions of illegal immigrants who are often given Social Security Numbers and Driver Licenses so they can register as voters even though they are not American Citizens. As a result, nearly half the US population no longer believes that their votes matter.
  • They have turned our public school system into mind-engineering institutions, which instruct children how to evade parental control, how to change their sex before puberty and how to become the most expensive taillight in international comparison of student performance.
  • They have turned our universities and colleges into brainwashing institutions that teach our youth how to wage social warfare, adopt a riot mentality, practice intolerance, offence-mindedness, and race hate and how to avoid any quest of excellence and consider any form of competition discrimination.
  • They have fostered and promoted reverse racism. White men are today the most hated and despised people in America.
  • They have fostered and promoted transvestitism, which morphed from a movement to attain tolerance for people with a sexually non-normal disposition, who are a tiny minority in our society, to a movement that demands that the entire society adopt and abide by the values and lifestyles of transvestites, gays and lesbians.
  • They have managed to invert all basic values. If you strive for excellence, you are creating inequality. Truth is but a social construct and justice is only fair when it is no longer equal.
  • They have made sure that our military is more concerned with ESG, reverse racism, and drag shows than with combat effectiveness. Our government and military leadership look like pictures from a freak show in a circus. They have made America the laughingstock of the world.
  • They have shamelessly withdrawn our armed forces from Afghanistan exposing thousands of those who helped us to the wrath of their Islamic opponents and leaving billions worth of modern military equipment, paid for by the US taxpayer, in the hands of our adversaries. This was an act of high treason, and it should be treated as such.
  • They have allowed radical communist organizations like BLM and Antifa to rule the streets, terrorize the peaceful working population, burn down our inner cities, and assassinate countless innocent people calling it “understandable venting of frustration” and doing nothing to stop this unprovoked violence or to bring the perpetrators and their financers to justice.
  • They have defunded and dismantled entire police departments and thus fomented and promoted rampant crime in most of our large cities, where life now is no longer safe.
  • They have treated the patriots, who protested the corruption of our election process though massive fraud, like common criminals calling them “insurrectionists” and keeping many of them in solitary confinement for years without trial, which is characterized as cruel and unusual punishment under UN rules and prohibited by the US Constitution. If they believed that the fifty or so percent of the US electorate that had lost faith in the integrity of our electoral system were wrong, why did they not set up a neutral bipartisan national commission to determine the truth?
  • They destroyed our energy independence and made the USA dependent again on nations that hate us and want to see us gone like Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Venezuela. Consequently, oil prices went up worldwide, which also made it easier for Russia to wage war against Ukraine and to threaten Western Europe and NATO with war, ultimately, nuclear war.
  • They are destroying our social system, our Social Security and our health system, by actively promoting the influx of millions of illegal aliens every year. Just look at the pictures from our Southern border – an endless stream of young men from dozens of nations including sponsors of international terrorism bringing with them very little in terms of education or useful skills but a lot in terms of exotic diseases and criminal violence. These people, who have never contributed a penny to our taxes, become an immediate burden on our social system and many are even allowed to vote as non-citizens, thus further destroying the democratic power process in our nation.
  • They have printed money in excessive quantities and thus destroyed the value of the US Dollar. Their rampant inflation has made interest rates (prime rate here) rise 66% and consumer prices nearly 27% over the past three years. Our national debt is now about 34 trillion dollars. If we include the deficits of government organizations such as AMTRAC, the US Postal Service, Social Security, Medicare. Medicaid, Student Loans etc. plus private indebtedness driven by inflationary price increases, our total national debt burden ranges somewhere around the 200 trillion-dollar mark. No nation can sustain such massive indebtedness.
  • They are pushing us into their so-called “green” agenda, increasingly clamping down on our ability to move freely in privately owned vehicles and they want us all to live in anthill-like metropolitan areas using only public transportation and eating bugs. Objective: no movement without government permission.
  • They are preparing to replace the Dollar and all traditional money currencies worldwide with a digital currency that will provide total control to government over all financial transactions including selling an old chair at a yard sale. Objective: Total control over all financial transactions i.e., total control over everybody’s life.
  • They have unleashed upon us an artificial pandemic, caused by a virus that was originally developed in the North Carolina Research Triangle and then passed on to the Chinese military virology lab in Wuhan, from where it was released, intentionally or unintentionally, upon the rest of the world. The effect was described by chief reset actor Klaus Schwab as “a great opportunity” to change the world economy from free market capitalism that aims at generating profit to so-called “stakeholder capitalism” that is in truth state controlled socialism and aims at generating global social justice and climate control. Their authoritarian mandates like forced lockdowns, mask-wearing, and mandatory vaccination with untested mRNA vaccines have caused more destruction and misery than the virus itself. Objective: reduction of world population to “green” standards.
  • They are destroying our technical civilization by trying to eliminate fossil fuels falsely claiming that their use leads to catastrophic warming of the atmosphere. They ignore any data that contradict or relativize this claim and they indoctrinate the population, in particular children, with the false religion of “Man Made Global Warming”. In this manner, they instill fear in many people, and they use this fear to generate obedience and compliance with their progressive destruction of liberty.
  • Their gullible and ignorant foreign policy has emboldened America’s enemies. Russia annexed Crimea and invaded Ukraine; North Korea is threatening to invade South Korea; China is threatening to invade Taiwan and intimidates its East Asian neighbors; Iran is aiming at hegemony over the entire Middle East and its proxies have attacked Israel lighting up the entire region in war.
  • They have perverted our judicial system into a system of political persecution. Mr. Trump is the best example for this. Russia, Russia. But no collusion found. Two impeachments, one even after he had left office. No conviction. Secret documents in Mara Lago (by a President), but Biden kept his in his open garage (as a Vice President). Tax evasion. Nothing found. Misrepresentation of asset values. Not true. His lenders confirmed that his financial records were in top condition. He incited insurrection. On January 6, 2021, Trump said that people need to “fight like hell” or they would not have a country anymore” Obviously, the term “fight” was a metaphor, since he also said they should behave “peacefully and patriotically”. Now, the legal system is trying to prevent Trump from even appearing on the ballot because he instigated insurrection. If this is not political justice, what is?
  • They are exerting stringent censorship over all mainstream media and most social media trying to control the flow of real information and disseminating misinformation and disinformation to support their ideological narrative of MMGW and their goal of global governance.

Ultimately, their inept ideology-driven anti-democratic policies have ruined the USA, destroyed our inner peace, and our economic and military power all while pushing the entire world closer to a nuclear WW than ever before.

I therefore proclaim that our current form of government is thoroughly inept, criminally corrupt, and morally evil, and that it has forfeited and lost the consent of the majority of the governed. Consequently, We, the People are now entitled to exercise our right to “alter or to abolish” our form of government, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles, and organizing its powers in such form, as to us shall seem most likely to effect our safety and happiness.

Their words, not mine.

There are three ways to accomplish alteration or abolition of our current form of government:

A) We can try to reform the system using democratic electoral means adding and deleting to and from the Constitution and the Bill of Rights as provided by the Constitution, Art. 5. Frankly, considering the enormous depth and width of corruption of the system, this approach does not seem to be very promising.

B) We can try the Convention of States also according to Art. 5 of the Constitution. It requires applications from 34 States. This instrument of change provided by the Constitution is in the process of being activated. Until 2022, 19 States passed resolutions in both chambers to call for a Convention of States and eleven States are considering passing such resolution in 2024. That leaves us still four states short. And the Convention of States is a double-edged sword: if the wrong people control it, we could end up with more tyranny not less, less liberty, not more.

C) We can try regular armed insurrection, aka civil war, a violent and bloody alternative, which our current rulers would, of course, consider a criminal act. It’s such a thing with revolutions. If the revolutionaries win, they become the new rulers. If they lose, they become criminals.

However, in the end, option C) may turn out to be the only realistic one, if we want to change our system of government toward more liberty and less tyranny, making it a crime to violate our Constitution. It will come down again to “Give me liberty or give me death.”, as good old Patrick Henry said.

Needless to emphasize that any bloodless and non-violent solution would be preferable. However, the longer we wait and the longer our journey into government corruption and national rot continues, the more difficult it may become to prevent a violent conflict between those who work to impose global governance and collectivist slavery on us and those who work to preserve free-market capitalism, individual liberty, and the free exchange of opinions, even if they offend.

Be that as it may, if We the People do no longer like our form of government, We the People have a constitutional right to change it – one way or another. Obviously, this goes both ways – and that is why I am afraid that violent conflict may be inevitable.

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