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On May 1, 1776 (yes, you read right) Adam Weishaupt, then 20 years old and professor of Canonic Law, founded the “Order of Perfectibles” (Bund der Perfectibilisten) in Ingolstadt, Bavaria. It was later renamed the “Illuminati” society. Its symbols were Minerva’s owl of wisdom and God’s all-seeing eye – not of the God of the Christians but of some undefined higher being, which the Illuminati recognized as the creator of the universe. May 1st also happened to be the day of “Walpurgisnacht”, the ancient German celebration of witchcraft.

There is an affinity between the concepts of “illumination” and “Satan”. ‘illuminare’ from the Latin ‘lux’ = ‘light’, is Latin for ‘to make light’ or ‘enlighten’. Satan’s name is ‘Lucifer’ = ‘the light carrier’. It has often been claimed by Satanists that Satan was the first ‘illuminatus’ or intellectual (Saul Alinsky). Not sure if the same claim was ever made by the Illuminati themselves.

Weishaupt’s Illuminati wanted to make man free and happy. But first they had to make man good so as to be suited for their ordained free and happy world. Weishaupt aimed at a world revolution that would lead to a “universal” (Schwab would say “global”) republic.

Weishaupt, who had been educated by the Jesuits but was quite critical of them, believed in utmost secrecy and in the Jesuit principle that “the end justifies the means”. He committed his members to infiltrating the Masonic lodges and try to move into positions of influence within them, which they did quite successfully.

The Freemasons, like the Illuminati, have a belief system that can probably best be described as pantheistic humanism as contrasted by the personal God of the Christian faith. Both associations were and are anti-nationalist and globalist in their political orientations.

As we know today, Masonic lodges had a significant presence among the Girondists and the Montagnards, the two main political organizations driving France toward her 1789 revolution. In 1785, the Illuminati were prohibited by the Bavarian Duke Karl Theodor but could never be effectively outrooted due to their secrecy.

In 1925, the individual national Illuminati organizations (los Alumbrados in Spain, les Illuminés d’Avignon in France etc.) were organized in a World Association of Illuminati with its headquarters in Berlin. Not sure if this organization has survived in some form. My first guess would be the World Economic Forum.

Illuminati and Freemason symbolism made its way into the American Great Seal, found on the One Dollar bill today:

Great Seal of the USA, 1776.
Washington in Masonic garb.

The eye and the unfinished pyramid are Illuminati symbols. Freemasons deny that they are Masonic symbols. Fact is that many of the Founding Fathers of the USA were Freemasons but unaware of the degree to which the Illuminati had infiltrated the Masons. Ironically, they rejected the Illuminati as insurgents, when they themselves were insurgents.

Here some of the more notable Masonic framers: George Washington, Robert Paine, John Sullivan, John Hancock, James McHenry, John Glover, Henry Knox, Jacob Broom, John Fitzgerald, Richard Montgomery, Gunning Bedford, Daniel Carroll, William Whipple, John Dickson, Benjamin Franklin, Paul Revere and Chief Justice John Marshall. And if the symbols are not Masonic, they sure are Illuminati Symbols.

It is important to understand that the American Revolution influenced Adam Weishaupt, not vice versa. Illuminati influence entered through the back door when Weishaupt successfully attempted to infiltrate Masonic Lodges. If the symbolism is not Masonic, it sure is Illuminati symbolism that made into the Freemason system. Why would the Founders be members of secret societies and not use symbolism that is associated with them? The American Revolution, Masonry and the Illuminati all plaid a role in bringing about the French Revolution.

And, by the way, “Annuit coeptis – Novus ordo saeculorum” means “He approved our undertaking. The new world order.” Literally, it says on the bill “The new order of centuries”, but from the context, we can be pretty sure that they meant what we would call “new world order” today.

Weishaupt wanted this “new World Order” and he wanted it managed by a global government run by Illuminati. To achieve this, Christianity and all other forms of religion, as well as all nation states and their governments would have to be destroyed. The New Order would bring liberation from all social, moral, and religious restraint and implement absolute equality and fraternity. Religion, for the Illuminati, was just superstition. It would be replaced with atheism for the masses and an enlightened pantheism for the ruling classes. A communism of goods would govern world economy. In other words: paradise on earth under the reign of the Illuminati. Sounds like Communism + Woke-ism, doesn’t it?

Weishaupt had also some notions that were patently incompatible with the thinking of the founders of the American Republic. For example, he wrote about his Illuminati:
“The superiors of Illuminism are to be looked upon as the most perfect and most enlightened of men; no doubts are to be entertained even of their infallibility.”

Weishaupt’s ideas were pretty typical for a time that saw itself as the age of “enlightenment”. The world could be improved, should be improved and had to be improved. And the Illuminati knew how.

In fact, the pursuit of the “New World Order” is the trademark of illuminism. Three criteria define the Illuminatus:

  1. The belief that the existing world order is bad and unjust and that it can and must be replaced by a new and more equitable or more sustainable world order.
  2. That the Illuminati constitute a superior elite, whose members, in their enlightened wisdom, know what the new world order should be like and how to implement it.
  3. That the new world order must be implemented at all cost, that all means to this end are justified, and that all opposition to it must be eradicated.

I cannot rightfully say that there is an organizational or institutional continuity that stretches from 1776 to 2022. But there is a clear similarity between today’s collectivist globalism and classic illuminism. Both want a “new world order”, both claim they are the only ones qualified to define it and both are prepared to use any means and method to implement it.

Other than Weishaupt’s followers, today’s Illuminati do not need secrecy any longer. They believe that the social and economic development of mankind and of the world have made the need for a “great reset” patently obvious and almost inevitable. Therefore, they no longer act in secrecy but out in the open. The World Economic Forum and Klaus Schwab and his ilk (yet another German savior of the world) have determined in their unfathomable wisdom that we must end the use of fossil fuels because their use generates CO2 and because CO2 heats up the atmosphere and makes the climate warmer. Not true, but never mind.

The climate lie has been relentlessly repeated by the media and academia and many politicians and business leaders swallowed it hook, line, and sinker. As Goebbels stated so correctly:

If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it, and you will even come to believe it yourself.

  • Our government is sabotaging our energy industry and supply, telling us that the world will fry if we do not save “the” climate (which one?). It disallows prospecting and drilling for fossil fuels telling us that solar and wind energy can replace fossil energy, when we all know that it does not and cannot, at least at present.
  • This has destroyed the energy independence we had achieved under the Trump administration. We are now depleting our strategic oil reserves, selling them to the Chinese, and begging on our knees for more oil from the Arabs, which has pretty much ended our political freedom of action in the near East.
  • We must now buy oil from Nations with oppressive communist systems like Venezuela and we are driving up oil prices worldwide, which helps Putin finance his war of aggression against Ukraine, while we also finance the Ukrainian defense against Russia with tax money.
  • A flood wave of illegal immigrants keeps gushing into our country across our southern border and with them thousands of criminals and potential terrorists plus more Fentanyl than is needed to kill the entire American population. In 2021, approx. 108,000 mostly young Americans died from drug overdoses. The drug cartels are controlling our big cities and bribing our politicians. Money talks. Nota bene: if it does not have a defined, protected border, it isn’t a county anymore. Our government has allowed the USA to become an unprotected piece of land. We have ceased being a country.
  • The energy policies of our government destroy our food supply. More and more arable land is used for wind and solar devices. More and more corn is used to make ethanol instead of food products. Diesel fuel is becoming increasingly expensive and scarce. There will be a tipping point. When Diesel will become sufficiently unaffordable or unavailable tractors and trucks will not run any longer and food production and distribution will come to a screeching halt. Fertilizers are also under assault, because their production causes CO2 and because their use may contaminate water. If these trends don’t change soon, we are headed toward a worldwide famine.
  • Our schools have been turned into brainwashing institutions. The USA spends more money on education (ca. 700 billion total ca. $14,000 per student per year) than most other countries, but American students perform sub-standard in science, math and reading in international comparison (international test in Pisa 2018). This warrants the question of how qualified our teachers are and their teacher assistants. Too many of our schools not only propagate false teachings about slavery, African history, and white culture, they also encourage underage children to have their sex or puberty development changed by surgical intervention often without their parents’ knowledge and consent. The Teachers’ Union has become a spearhead of cultural destruction and social disintegration. (Who writes/approves the schoolbooks?). During the COVID event, the public-school system made itself a willing enforcer of partially nonsensical or even counterproductive government mandates (school closings, mask mandates, “social” distancing, pushing vaccination with scarcely tested n-RNA “vaccines” on unendangered children). Drag shows in schools and recently social Satanist clubs in public schools (Pennsylvania, Illinois) round the picture of deliberate demolition.
  • Our government is trying to force the values system and lifestyle of a small percentage of the population on the rest of us. Most experts estimate the gay/lesbian percentage of the US population to be at most 10% but probably less. But popular culture, the media, the movie culture, and public policy attempt to portray the LGBTQ values and behaviors as mainstream. Men are increasingly shown as girly, selfish, and incompetent (toxic masculinity), women increasingly as the opposite. This is an attempt to force the majority, which is still heterosexual, to accept and adopt the self-image, lifestyle, and value system of a minority. Isn’t democracy supposed to be majority rule?
  • Our government is weakening our military through wokeness, CRT indoctrination, and forced vaccination with a so-called vaccine nobody trusts any longer. Our treasonous and humiliating retreat from Afghanistan has made the US and our military despicable and untrustworthy in the eyes of the rest of the world, friend and foe, and it has undermined the pride and willingness to sacrifice of our soldiers and officers.
  • Our government is thinking about helping the aggressive America-hating Islamic Mullahs in Iran to become a nuclear nation, while at the same time making no effort to counter or even slow down China’s aspirations to become the world’s dominant military and economic power.
  • Our government is undermining its own law enforcement by applauding and often actively supporting radical racists and communists in their efforts to defund police organizations everywhere in the US. Mind you: no culture, no society, no civilization can persist without laws and laws are worthless, if they are not enforced. BLM and Antifa are essentially communist riot troops, similar to the NAZI SA storm troopers. They have burned our inner cities, killed and beat up hundreds of people but our government not only failed to prosecute them for their perpetrations, they were called freedom fighters who must be allowed to vent their frustrations, while the people who vented their frustrations over the 2020 voter fraud on January 6, 2021, were called insurgents. Many of them are still held in solitary confinement. Equality of all under the law is gone with the wind. If a lefty breaks the law, he gets a slap on the wrist and is let go. If a conservative breaks the law (and even if (s)he does not) the FBI may assault him/her in his/her house by night and fog KGB style. Or the guy gets audited by the IRS. Democrats have turned government agencies into political weapons and instead of effective law enforcement we now have a police state.
  • What used to be a movement for the justified liberation of women from male oppression has mutated into a death cult. Women claim absolute control over their bodies, treating an embryo like a parasite, pregnancy as a disease, and the destruction of unborn (or even born) human life as a measure of “reproductive health”. This mentality and development are promoted by Planned Parenthood (worthy successor to Margaret Sanger’s eugenics movement for the eradication of blacks in the USA), and Planned Parenthood is heavily subsidized by the government with your tax money.
  • Election fraud has become the way we decide elections in America. It matters not what candidates compete, or what their programs are, or how much money they can spend, or how many people actually vote for them. What matters is how well you cheat and how massive the voter fraud is. This development is mainly carried by the Democrats. Republicans are too simple-minded to be good at massive election fraud. Nothing destroys democracy faster than the voters losing trust in the fairness and correctness of the voting process and system. Once voters lose their trust in the trustworthiness of the voting system, democracy is dead. Period. Personally, I believe that this is done by design. If Democrats really wanted the voting system to be credible and kosher, and/or if they really did not cheat, they could have launched a major investigation into the 2020 voter fraud allegations in order to convince those who believe that the Dems cheated, that they are wrong. No such attempt was ever made by the Democrats. In fact, the democratic administration tried to torpedo every attempt at serious voter fraud investigation undertaken anywhere in the country.
  • In cahoots with Big Tech, our own government is attempting to silence all criticism of its misguided actions and false doctrines that justify them. The 1st Amendment is a thorn in the government’s flesh. Free speech must go. The tolerance of offensive or inconvenient speech that what the 1st Amendment protects, is increasingly giving way to a culture of feeling offended. This is indeed the first step to ending all liberty. Thank the good Lord for Elon Musk!
  • The brain-dead spending of our socialist government not only destroys our economy, it also is responsible for the rampant inflation we are now experiencing. Inflation happens, when the government prints and spends more money that the combined goods and services a national economy produces, are worth. This implies that one cannot spent one’s way out of inflation. The most likely reason why the government is printing and spending money like a drunken sailor is that it deliberately wants to destroy our currency. Why would they want to do that? The obvious answer is: because then they can not only make our economy collapse (see, we told you the capitalist market economy is no good!) but also introduce a 100% digital payment system. With such a system, no buying or selling activity could ever happen without the government knowing about it and being able to levy taxes on it. It would be the perfect system to control everybody’s life to the last nook and cranny. Total government control.

These are some (not all) of the accomplishments of our modern Illuminati bestowed upon us in their quest for the new world order in which we would all “own nothing but be happy” as top illuminatus Klaus Schwab put it. In my view, these light-headed dimwits have run the USA into deep doodoo, and it remains to be seen if we can ever get out of this mess again.

I somewhat doubt it. If we elect a demented crook like Biden President, a mentally sick person like Fetterman Senator, and a bonified moron like AOC Congresswoman we will likely “get what we deserve”. (See title).

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