Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf

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‘Democracy’ is a word made from the Greek words ‘demos’ and ‘cratein’, ‘the people’ and ‘to rule’, meaning that the people should rule. The Greek philosopher Polybios believed that forms of government follow each other and develop out of each other in a cyclic pattern.

Monarchy deteriorates into Tyranny. An elitist group removes the Tyrant and forms an aristocracy, the rule of the best. The rule of the best deteriorates into the rule of a few ruthless individuals, called oligarchy. When their abuses of power become overbearing, the people revolt and establish democracy, which, however, soon deteriorates into ochlocracy, mob rule. Mob rule finally becomes unbearable for most people and they start looking for a leader who might put an end to mob terror. This leader then becomes the new monarch or autocrat and the entire cycle repeats itself.

Looking at the American experiment today, it seems that Polybios had a point. We seem to be at the point where the rule of a legitimate elite (the best) has turned into the rule of the worst and we are headed toward mob rule again, all the while officially calling our system “democratic”.

It seems ironic that today’s Democratic leaders like e.g. Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi, are constantly calling Republicans “the enemies of Democracy” and have called Donald Trump an Adolf Hitler.

The Democrat Party has openly supported BLM and Antifa rioters and cheered them along as they were burning down our cities, destroying commercial, residential, and government buildings and vehicles and beating and killing people indiscriminately, because of isolated incidents like the George Floyd killing, which may have more to do with drug addiction and insufficient police training than systemic police violence.

Many of these so-called triggering events, which are supposedly demonstrating systemic anti-black police brutality, were not what the media made them look like being. Police brutality is bad. Regardless of whether it is directed against black or white people. But the data of the FBI annual Uniform Crime Report do not support the assertion that there is systemic police brutality or that police brutality is directed mainly against blacks.

They do show, though, that nationwide blacks commit nearly three times as many capital crimes as whites and people of other origins, when they make up approximately 12% of the American population.

Uh, but blacks commit more crimes because they are socially and economically disadvantaged, counters the Marxist Democrat.

So it’s all society’s fault? Blacks have no moral fortitude or capability to advance themselves without help from society (i.e. government). Without affirmative action that lowers the bar for blacks and without riots in the streets that put pressure on the rest of us, blacks are unable to succeed in our society? Wow! Does it get more racist than that?

And how are affirmative action and rioting democratic? Is it democratic to promote a fireman or accept a student with lesser credentials just because he or she is black? Is this not a racist insult to black people, which says, “you black folks can’t really compete successfully with the rest of us unless we lower the bar for you”? Is it “rule of the people” to bully citizens and politicians around and threaten them: “If you do not do as we demand, we shall destroy your cities and beat you up at the restaurant”?

There are large numbers of facts known today that indicate that the 2020 elections were probably fraudulent. They were stolen by a demented candidate, who was deeply compromised by his dealings with the Chinese and through systematically applied methods of voter fraud from the “2000 mules” method to the computer system that allowed the automatic conversion of Trump votes into Biden votes.

Our voting procedures are the very heart and soul of our democracy. If the people can no longer trust that their votes count and that things are done by the book, they lose faith in democracy and will no longer consider the results of our elections legitimate.

When people riot because of isolated cases of police brutality, Democrats call that legitimate protest and expression of valid grievances, but when a large part of the general population rises up and marches to the Capitol in protest against massive perceived voter fraud committed by so-called Democrats, they are called “insurgents”, incarcerated in solitary confinement without swift trial and their health and lives are destroyed. The policeman who shot an unarmed woman in the head during the events of January 6, was not indicted for murder but praised as a defender of democracy. Assuming, there was no voter fraud in 2020, would a democracy not be well advised to thoroughly investigate allegations of voter fraud when it is plain obvious that millions of voters believe that fraud did happen and that our voting system’s integrity is compromised?

Nothing happened. Instead, we are being told by Democrats and the leftist media that complaints about voter fraud and massive illegal invasion of our country by aliens aim only at infringing on legitimate voting rights of legitimate voters. Let’s see – to be a legitimate voter in the USA you must

  • Be a legal American Citizen
  • Have legal residence in the county in which you want to vote
  • Be registered as a voter in the county in which you want to vote
  • Be you who are say you are and be able to prove it.

In most counties and Boards of Elections people appearing to register as voters are never asked to prove that they are actually legal US Citizens. The prospective voter may be asked for a driver’s license or for a power bill showing his address, but that does not make the prospective voter a US Citizen.

Republicans have been calling for picture voter IDs for a long time, which would also contain information on whether or not the prospective voter is a legal Citizen of the USA. Democrats have rejected this as an attempt to make voting more cumbersome and difficult mainly for black people. Democrats must be convinced that anti-black racists à la Margret Sanger are actually right, and that black people are less capable than people of other complexions.

People need picture IDs for dozens of purposes e.g. to buy cigarettes or alcohol and even to attend a Democratic Party Convention. We already have a card that states whether you are a US Citizen or not: it’s your Social Security card.

Issue Social Security cards with pictures of the bearers and bingo, there is your picture voter ID. An added benefit would be that this would also make it more difficult to steal and abuse Social Security cards.

Allowing millions of people to enter our country without any vetting or control whatsoever is obviously intended to destroy our voting system’s integrity and with it our democracy.

Democrats also support defunding the police and weakening our judicial system. They are dissolving entire police departments and they seem more concerned about the well-being of criminals than of law-abiding citizens. They no longer deem it necessary to protect property, which, in the eyes of true Marxists, is theft anyway.

No civilization can survive without viable regulations of social, political, and economic activities. These are what we call laws. Laws are worthless, i.e. not viable, if they are not enforced. No democratic system can function properly in a chaotic environment of unbridled crime and violence.

While Democrats attempt to abolish the regular police that enforces the law and makes safe civil life possible, they have turned the FBI into a Gestapo-like organization that blatantly abuses its power for political purposes and terrorizes critical citizens, who have not yet been silenced by BigTech censorship.

One wonders why Democrats are supporting trends, behaviors, and organizations that are aiming at destroying our democracy? Could the reason be that Democrats intend to destroy Democracy?

Listening to Democrat leaders I get the impression that they are not really concerned about the state of the Union or our political, economic, and social future. Yesterday, Ms. Pelosi said (11/04/22) that the “planet is on the ballot”:

“I don’t know how anybody could say, ‘I care about the planet, I think I’ll vote Republican.’ Oh really?” – Oh, really, Ms. Pelosi?

Clearly, the Democrat Party has fallen under the spell of the Climate Change religion and the ultra-left Marxist wing of the Party, the BS and AOC crowd. They no longer support Democracy, because they no longer want democracy. They want global governance and a centrally planned economy to save “the climate”. Read Klaus Schwab, Covid 19 – The Great Reset.

And Adolf Trump a Donald Hitler? I cannot help but laugh. Maybe those lefties have yet a bit of humor left. Imagine the Donald in an SA-style uniform, with high black riding boots and a pseudo-military hat! But he is a “populist” is he not? Indeed, that he is, and it makes him largely independent from control by the Republican Party. Which is why Mr. McConnel with his Chinese merchant fleet hates Trump’s guts even more than he hates Biden’s.

I think the Party system has damaged democracy more than it has helped it and that there is nothing wrong with a president or candidate being populist. Because ‘populist’ come from ‘populus’, the Latin word for ‘demos’. And it also means ‘the people’. So, what is wrong in a democracy with a populist president? Nothing. It is government of the people, by the people, and for the people through a people’s president.

Watch out you little Red Riding Hood Republicans! What looks like the good old grandmother may be the big bad wolf in disguise. Those who call themselves “democrats” are in truth the destroyers and grave diggers of Democracy.

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