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Over the last 20 years, the Democratic Party has moved more and more to the left and has now morphed into a Marxist globalist group that is under the spell of extremists like AOC, BS, and the Indian princess. Democrats are pursuing the so-called Green New Deal and they are acting as mandated by the globalist elite in the UN 2030 program and Klaus Schwab’s book “COVID 19 – The Great Reset”. Their goal is global governance, the end of free-market capitalism, of individual liberty, and of the sovereign nation state. They consider capitalism wasteful and unsustainable and have ordained the new liberal world order as global governance based on a centrally planned and controlled economy. As Mr. Schwab said in Davos: “In 2030 you will own nothing, but you will be happy.”

The concepts of individual liberty and freedom and of sovereign nation states with constitutions that limit the power of government to protecting the god-given rights of the people, have been discarded by these “democrats” as NAZI ideas and antiquated concepts.

The Greek word “demos” means “people”. And the Greek word “cratein” means “to govern”. The original meaning of “demo-cracy” then is “the people govern”.

The elites of our time have their eyes set on saving “the climate”, the world and mankind from the greedy and stupid actions of the “deplorables”, which is we the people. They do not care about what the people want. They know best what is good for us and for mankind. There is mothing democratic about Democrats these days.

Donald Trump has clearly stated that he is a nationalist. Not in the sense the left wants to frame him. Trump is not a Chauvinist. He has stated quite plausibly that, as President of the USA, it is his first and foremost duty to do what is good for the USA. His determination to act in the best national interest of the USA has been bashed by the Dems as Nazi-ism and Fascism.

Mr. Trump has demonstrably done more good for this nation than almost any other President. During his presidency, we had maximum employment and work participation of all segments of the population. Net incomes grew for the first time in decades. He changed our treaties and relationships with Mexico, China, and Russia to our advantage and for the first time in many years our NATO partners were paying their faire share again.

Trump made us independent from imported oil and gas and turned us from a main importer of energy into an energy-independent nation, even into an energy exporter. This gave us political wiggle space with many problem nations and permitted a more independent foreign policy. Trump reconciled Israel with several of its Islamic Arab neighbors, which, according to Mr. Kerry, could not be done. Trump did it anyway. He tried to stop the steady and uncontrolled influx of illegal immigrants across our borders against ferocious resistance from the Left who tries to dissolve our national identity. If you have no borders, you have no nation. And that is exactly what the Left wants.

Trump was the perfect monkey wrench in the globalist plans of the elitist Left that calls itself misleadingly “democratic”. They believed they were near the finish line already. After eight years of the America-hating racist Obama, America had been sufficiently weakened to be ready for the final blow to be delivered by Hillary. When that did not happen, all hell broke loose.

Remember: Russian collusion, the Mueller investigation, two impeachments, and the January 6th Investigation, which was to prove that Trump planned, instigated and organized insurrection after the Democrats stole the 2020 election with massive voter fraud.

To my best knowledge, this voter fraud was most probably organized by an Italian defense contractor named Leonardo Spa with the help of Dominion voting machines under the direction and supervision of the American Embassy in Rome, using sophisticated military data-crunching software, and with active collaboration from Germany and China. The key actor currently sits in an Italian prison. Italy will not release his name or location because they fear he might be killed.

As has been established so far, Trump did not commit any of the evil deeds he has been accused of. But he did disturb the circles of the globalists. Strangely, many of them are capitalists. Soros, Gates, Bezos, Kerry, Zuckerman, etc. Do they believe they fight for the “good cause” or do they believe that they can outsmart the communists at the end? In any event, they do not seem to realize that they will all be liquidated if their good cause wins. Seems, that Lenin was right when he said that the capitalists would sell the Communists the ropes to hang them with.

These elitist saviors of the world now fear that all their “good work” may have been for naught. Think of it: Three generations of brain washing of young people in public schools, universities and colleges, instigating race war and rioting, redefining American values and rewriting our history, may all have been in vain if Trump makes a political come-back.

And this is why they must make every possible effort to prevent another Trump presidency. They investigated him, they impeached him, they accused him of insurrection, they slandered him as a racist, Fascist, NAZI, misogynist, homophobe, and dictator, but nothing worked so far in spite of the MSM all collaborating in this Trump demolition effort. According to latest polls, more people would vote for Trump today than voted for him in 2020.

Now, they have ratcheted their Trump-destruction work up one notch: our democratic government had the FBI raid Mr. Trump’s residence at Maralago. They gave no advance notice. The search warrant had been signed by a local Magistrate, who, as it turned out, had defended Jeffrey Epstein. (Bad choice) They hit Maralago at a time when Mr. Trump and his family were absent and made sure that Trump’s legal advisers were informed too late and would arrive too late. They broke into one of his safes and “investigated” Mrs. Trump’s lingerie.

Never has a former president of the United States of America been treated like a criminal and never has an allegedly democratic and lawful government of the USA openly acted like the KGB or the Gestapo. Allegedly, they were searching for classified documents. By golly, a President can declassify any document he wants to with a stroke of his pen. If Trump wanted to have any classified documents in his personal safe, all he had to do is declassify them.

Clearly, our government was looking for something they can use to indict Mr. Trump so as to make it impossible for him to run for public office again. Did our Gestapo do this with Obama who carted away tons of classified documents or with Hillary, who destroyed thousands of emails that had already been designated as “evidence”? They did not. Their raid of Maralago show clearly that the deep state and our “democratic” government are using the FBI and the DOJ to destroy a political opponent. 

Likely, the night-and-fog raid of the FBI will not render results that can stand up in a court of law and support a Trump indictment. But the antidemocratic globalist Democrats must keep trying. If they fail to neutralize Trump by making him unelectable, he will very probably become President again (Slogan: “MAKE TRUMP PREZ AGAIN”). Or imagine the following horror scenario (from a Dem perspective): Trump becomes speaker of the House in 2023 for two years. In 2025, he might then become President for another eight years with the prospect of a subsequent eight years of Ron Desantis as President. That would be potentially 10 years of conservative constitutional governance that could undo the entire good cause of our globalist resetters. No, no, no – they cannot let this happen!

Yesterday, I listened to pious Glen Beck on 103.7. A man who is obviously disposed to turn the other cheek. He said that if they cannot neutralize Trump by indicting him, the Dems and the deep staters are left with only one option: they must kill Trump. Beck suggested that Trump get rid of his Secret Service protection detail, because they cannot be trusted. The situation is desperate in Beck’s assessment, but he issued a warning to all of us not to resort to violence, because “this is exactly what they want”. Beck – if those Americans who fought the War of Independence had followed your recommendation, there would have never been a sovereign American nation.

Today, many of us are walking around with our hands clenched to fists and with foam on our lips. But most of us abstain from violence not because we are happy with the state of affairs or because we are committed to non-violence as a matter of moral principle. We abstain from violence because we are afraid. Afraid, to lose what little liberty is left, afraid to ruin our civil existence and that of our relatives, afraid to end up in prison or dead.

Yet, we cannot let things continue on their current path for much longer and still hope to preserve our God-given liberties and our holy Constitution. The 22 and 24 elections may be the last opportunity to turn the ship around without mutiny. If this last-ditch effort fails, we are done.

“The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.” (Albert Einstein)

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” (Edmund Burke)

I tend to agree. We must stop doing nothing. We must begin to act.

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