The Long March Through the Institutions

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In October 1934, during the Chinese civil war, the embattled Chinese Communists led by Mao Zedong broke through Nationalist enemy lines and began to march from their headquarters in southwest China to break out of the encirclement by the nationalist army under Chiang Kai Check. This tactical move became known as the “Long March”. It lasted one full year, covered some 4,000 miles, and marked the emergence of Mao Zedong as the undisputed leader of the Chinese Communists.

In December 1964, Rudi Dutschke, a German Marxist sociologist with a protestant background, organized an unallowed demonstration in Berlin against Moise Tschombé, which he later called “the start of our culture revolution”.

Dutschke soon moved into a leading position in the revolutionary student movement in Germany, which spawned off personalities such as Fritz Teufel (in English: Fred Devil), Andreas Baader, Ulrike Meinhof, and Gudrun Ensslin. In 1970, Baader, Meinhof, and Ensslin founded the “RAF” (Red Army Fraction), a terrorist organization intent on overthrowing the West-German society, state, and government and replacing them with a Soviet Marxist system.

The RAF led to the formation of similar revolutionary organizations in other countries. In France it was called “Action Directe” (Direct Action), in Italy “Brigate Rosse” (Red Brigades), in Japan it was called 赤軍派, Sekigun-ha, etc.

After several years of terrorist activity these revolutionary organizations all failed. In Germany, however, the failure of attempts at violently overthrowing the government resulted in an upswing of Neo Marxism, led by Jürgen Habermas, Herbert Marcuse, Theodor Adorno, and Max Horkheimer who elaborated and developed the culture-war version of Marxism invented by the Italian Communist Antonio Gramsci.

They recognized and admitted that their attempt at implementing Marxism through violent revolution had failed – mainly because the German workers did not support it – and they now proclaimed, in commemoration of Mao’s Long March to absolute power, “The Long March Through the Institutions”, an effort to achieve a Marxist system through cultural change.

The failed and frustrated Marxist revolutionaries became university professors and used their teaching positions to preach Marxism and educate young students to adopt the Marxist world view.

They became the educators of teachers, who then became the educators of school children.

They became judges and began to judge based on ideological principles instead of the principles of law and order. Read up on what’s going on at Yale Law School. You won’t believe it.

They became movie makers and made movies that favored and propagandized their own political and philosophical orientations in a subtle and subconscious way. Disney, Sesame Street.

They became journalists and twisted the truth to match their ideological bias. In fact, they converted journalism from a control institution that tells truth to power to a cheer leader group that tells lies to the people.

They became musicians and song writers who propagated hate, violence, reverse racism, and aggressive behavior.

They became Eurocrats, unelected and unaccountable administrators, the European equivalent of the Deep State, and “directed” Europe into increasingly undemocratic, autocratic, and collectivist structures.

They penetrated all politically, economically, and culturally relevant areas and they were able to seize important decision-making and opinion shaping positions. And because they were able to do so, they successively generated, over a period of about 40 years, profound changes of perception, values, political circumstances and realities, and above all of mentalities and minds.

The hard core Neo-Marxists who had brought the long march through the institutions on its way in Germany and Western Europe, were also the protagonists of the Frankfurt School of Sociology, a Neo-Marxist thinktank founded by Felix Weil in 1924. When the Nazis closed the Frankfurt School in 1933, the key protagonists of the Frankfurt School, who were also the mental fathers of the “Critical Theory”, Horkheimer, Marcuse, Lukacs, Fromm, Löwenthal, Neumann, Kirchheimer, Pollock, Benjamin, Adorno, efc. all emigrated to America.

Horkheimer started the Institute for Social Research at New York City’s Columbia University. Adorno ended up at the University of Berkeley, California. Marcuse began in New York with Horkheimer and ended up at the University of Los Angeles in California. He also worked for the OSS, the Office of Strategic Services, the precursor of the CIA.

The Neo-Marxist “Critical Theory” was developed by these Communist ideologues partly in Europe and partly in the USA. It is the father of the “Critical Race Theory”.

The communist invasion of the USA has been quietly going on since 1933. First, they invaded the universities and colleges. John Dewey, the “Father of American Education”, taught that the only truth was what man said it to be, that learning from history was bad, and learning from one’s parents and family members was foolish. Dewey was possibly involved in the publication of “A Humanist Manifesto”, published in 1933. This Humanist Manifesto taught that there is no God and that science trumps religion. Combine A Humanist Manifesto with Dewey’s teachings that freedom is not “a ready-made possession” and that natural rights belong to “the kingdom of mythological social zoology,” and you have millions of young Americans minds being prepared to embrace the tenets of atheist materialism, which is a central element of the communist ideology.

Make no mistake, political correctness, wokeism, BLM, Antifa, and the Critical Race Theory, the child of Neo-Marxism’s Critical Theory, are all but roadstops on the long march through the institutions with the ultimate goal to destroy market capitalism, individual liberty, and ultimately our democratic Republic, and to replace it with authoritarian global governance, collectivism, and centrally controlled command economy.

Climate change, COVID 19, the currency crisis, the oil crisis, even the Ukraine crisis are only welcome “emergency” situations that the Marxists are using to justify their forcing overbearing measure after overbearing measure on us the people that are successively eliminating our civil liberties and constitutional rights. Never enough to trigger a counterrevolution or a civil war. It’s called the “salami tactic”: you cut off only very thin slices, but in the end the sausage is gone nonetheless.

Comparing COVID with other catastrophic events in human history, Klaus Schwab, the author of “COVID 19 – The Great Reset” writes:

“None fits the reach and pattern of the human suffering and economic destruction caused by the current pandemic.(Emphasis by me)

He wants us to believe that COVID 19 closed our businesses and schools, forced us to wear masks, and mandated that we be “vaccinated” with newfangled and untested “vaccines” driving millions into destitution and depression. But COVID 19 did none of this. It was governments that caused this destruction with their anti-COVID measures, claiming the crisis makes them necessary.

But the “crises” were all staged, “mis on scène”, as the French say.

Quoting Machiavelli, Marxist Rahm Emmanuel said in 2020: “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”

You can count on the Long-Marchers to invent new crises as they march along. And they count on us to play along.

Here is another quote from Machiavelli:

“He who deceives, will always find those who will allow themselves to be deceived.”

This goes back to the apocryphal Latin saying:

“Mundus vult decipi, ergo decipiatur”, meaning: “The world wants to be deceived, and so it will be deceived.”

Neo-Marxists marchers through the institutions live and work by this “eternal wisdom”.

Do we really want to play their game?

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