How to turn a free-market capitalist society into the collectivist authoritarian New World Order: A brief manual for aspiring dictators

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Difficile est, satiram non scribere.


You start by brainwashing at least two generations of young citizens into believing that equality, equity, and security are more important values than liberty, freedom, and competition. This is readily accomplished by the teachers and professors of the enlightened education system, which will produce snowflakes that are afraid of their own shadow and demand to be protected and supported by the government. Be sure you have the mainstream media on your side, because you will need them to repeat your lies until they become truths (the Goebbels Principle).

Next, you create a problem or two. You convince people that unless we end fossil fuel, the world will burn up. Never mind the scientific facts. Just make sure your computer models confirm your doomsday predictions. As a short-term topping on the climate scare cake you declare a relatively mild and controllable flu that affects mainly older people with defect immune systems and has a 99.7 recovery rate to be a deadly “pandemic” that will wipe out humankind unless we cover our faces with masks, stay at least six feet away from each other, and close all businesses that require direct encounter between people (lock-downs). This will make sure you disrupt all social and emotional interaction between your future subjects and that you lastingly ruin the entrepreneurial middle class, which needs to go anyway, because its representatives are the main believers in the antiquated values of personal freedom and free enterprise, neither of which have a legitimate place in your new world order.

It is important that you instill deep fear in a large number of people. This is accomplished by media repetition and by bribing journalists, scientists, and medical doctors to urge people to be tested, vaccinated and hospitalized. Even if the vaccinations are ill-tested and designed to alter the human immune system through nanotechnology, they will serve the good purpose by making even more people sick.

The lockdowns will not only lastingly weaken the freedom-loving middle class, they will also strengthen global corporations, make formerly independent people dependent on government subsidies, increase debt, accelerate inflation, and help push the population toward cashless payment.

Produce fake statistics to show that the pandemic is not letting up and that ever more drastic measures are needed to enforce compliance with the government’s rules for controlling the climate and stopping the pandemic. Impose contact tracing, make mask wearing mandatory (including for children), and impose “Health Passports”. Enforce vaccination. Your best enforcement tools are disallowing the unvaccinated access to food stores, banks, and restaurants. Think of them as “unbelievers” and pin a discriminating symbol on them – perhaps a yellow star with “UV” on it for “Un-Vaccinated”. You can also block their bank accounts, sequester their incomes, deny them access to medical attention and their children access to school, revoke their driver licenses, disrupt their Internet and phone communication, or even put them under house arrest. The “unvaccinated” must be treated like outcasts of society. Every neighborhood needs a “neighborhood warden” who watches over the people in his precinct and reports any non-conforming behavior to government authorities, which can then send the offenders to an ROC “re-programming camp”. Worked for the Nazis. Will work for you.

Going cashless will give the government (you) complete control over the lives of the people. Once cash money has been eliminated and people have to use digital systems for any financial transaction, they will not be able to even sell an old pair of shoes at a yard sale without the government knowing about it and being able to tax the transaction.

The final touch to your effort to bring about the New World Order will the use of implanted chips. Like Roman Catholic baptism, it is best done with the newborn baby. Make it voluntary first and let people get used to it. Then make it mandatory. Microchip implants will end all privacy and personal liberty. The government will now be able to control every move a person makes.

Evil-spirited reactionaries will call your New World Order authoritarian fascism or totalitarian communism. But do not worry. It’s all for the good cause. The Germans have a nice saying: “Wo gehobelt wird, da fallen Späne“ approximately: “Where planing is done, chips fall”. And it has always been a good collectivist principle that the cause justifies the means.

So, just keep chipping away and you will eventually arrive at your wonderful New World Order.

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