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Are the “Non-Vaccinated” becoming the new Jews?

The idea to discriminate against Jews and mark them as outcasts of society and despicable underlings was first developed and implemented by Khalif Omar II between 717 and 720 AD. The Prophet Muhammed had eclectically compiled his Quran from biblical sources, mainly the Thora, and he had high hopes that the Jews would flock around him and his teachings recognizing him as the carrier of the biblical torch and the last of the biblical prophets. He claimed to have traveled to Jerusalem by air and had originally chosen this Jewish city as the capital of Islam. To his great disappointment he received only ridicule and rejection. Consequently, he resented the Jews and turned against them.

In the 8th and 9th century every non-Muslim minority (dhimmi) was ordered to wear a distinguishing sign of their religious faith, called “giyār”. In Sicily, the Muslim governor forced Christians to wear a piece of cloth in the shape of a pig on their clothes, while Jews were assigned a donkey. They were also forced to wear a high cone-shaped hat and a yellow belt. These signs were to mark them as subordinate to the Muslims and subject to paying the dhimmi tax, the jizya.

In 850 and 854, the Khalif al-Mutawakkil decreed that Christians and Jews must affix wooden images of devils to their houses, level their graves even with the ground, wear yellow-colored garments, put two yellow patches on the clothes of their slaves, and ride only a mule or donkey with wooden saddles marked by two pomegranate-like balls on the cantle.

But the humiliating marking of the hated was not limited to Muslims. A definitive regulation took place on November 11, 1215, on the occasion of the Fourth Lateran Council, when Pope Innocent III ordered that Jews and Muslims should wear specific clothing in order to be immediately distinguishable from the “good Christians”, thus limiting the risk of relationships between individuals belonging to different religious communities. The decree did not specify the nature nor the type of clothing to be worn and thus left the secular authorities much freedom to regulate these distinctive signs. In Italy, the symbol mainly took the form of a circular yellow patch, with the exception of the Republic of Venice, where the chosen color was red. Spanish Jews were also marked with red patches.

In France, an edict of King Louis IX officially imposed the use of “ la rouelle”, a wheel-shaped or disk-shaped patch, usually yellow or white, but sometimes also red, as early as 1269. The “rouelle” constituted a triple burden for Jews: not only were they forced by law to wear it, but each Jew also had to pay a hefty sum of money to be able to buy it first, in addition to an annual fee to be allowed to keep it.

In Germany and in the territories of the Holy Roman Empire, the garment imposed on Jews was the characteristic pointed hat called “pileum cornutum”. In 1279, a Church council that took place in Budapest decided to force Jews to wear a badge similar to the French rouelle, known in German as “Gelber Ring” (“yellow ring”). This ordinance was first imposed in Augsburg in 1434 and later extended to all of Germany in 1530. The use of the Gelbe Ring was also introduced in Austria starting from August 1551, when Emperor Ferdinand I of Habsburg declared it mandatory through an official edict.

The official edict (the “Judenpatent”) through which Ferdinand I of Habsburg declared the use of the “Gelbe Ring” (shown on the bottom right) as mandatory.

Below is a picture painted by Carl Gustav Hellquist in the 19th century, showing the Danish King Valdemar Atterdag holding the city of Visby to ransom, in 1361. Note that it features a Jewish merchant on the right wearing the conical pileum cornutum, the Judenhut, the “Jew Hat” and a yellow belt.

The Nazis did not have to invent the “Judenstern”, the “Jew Star”. It was already there and had been used all over Europe for hundreds of years. Beginning 1933, Jews were rejected as an integral part of German society and culture and ceased to be free citizens. The Jew Star soon became mandatory and the Nazi Party demanded that Jewish businesses be marked. In 1936, Lion Feuchtwanger wrote:

These were not Excesses. … It’s the coldly calculated cynically implemented … premeditated murder of a defenseless minority … Here is the recipe: first, the Nazi Party, the media, and the SA organize “public outrage” and violence. Then public order is secured, and the executive intervenes – not against the violent aggressors but against their victims. Finally, they make a law that sanctions the terror, making the violence legal.

( (Translated by the author)

The 3rd decree concerning the “Imperial Citizen Act” mandated in 1938 that Jewish businesses had to register as “Jewish”. The “Name Changing Ordinance” of August 17, 1938 mandated that Jews had to add a typically Jewish name to their name and beginning in October 1939, passports for Jews had to have the “Jew Stamp”, a red capital “J”.

Images: Nazi German Jew Stars. The text in the left image says: “He who wears this sign, is an enemy of our people.” And two Jewish women wearing the Jew Star in Paris in 1942.

Lately, we have seen and heard a lot of bashing of “unvaccinated people”. Even though the so-called vaccines are not really vaccines but attempts at manipulating the human immune system by means of nano-particles; and even though these pseudo-vaccines have been insufficiently tested; and even though there is now ample evidence that the vaccinated may end up with serious and often irreversible damage to their health; and even though we know that the SARS Cov 2 virus kills mostly older people with an already compromised immune system, those who refuse to be vaccinated are increasingly treated like criminals. Irrationally, this applies also to people who already had COVID and who now have the antibodies IgM and IgG and are therefore better and longer protected against SARS Cov 2 infection than the vaccinated, who are running from booster shot to booster shot.

At a local medical center, one of our friends, who refused to be vaccinated, was called “a murderer” by one of the nurses. In Australia, you will now be fined up to $80,000 or imprisonment for up to 5 years, if you refuse to be vaccinated. In Italy, people who refuse to be vaccinated, are now confined in house arrest and are only allowed out of their homes with special police permission to buy food or medications etc. Hundreds of thousands of public employees have lost their jobs in the USA because they refused vaccination. A friend who is a retired nurse, volunteered at a local hospital when asked to help out with a heavy load of COVID patients. Then she was asked to get vaccinated. As a nurse, she knew firsthand how useless and dangerous these so-called vaccinations are. She refused and was promptly let go again. This morning, I heard a discussion on Public Radio, the tax-money-financed voice of reason, about whether unvaccinated patients waiting for a lung transplant should be allowed to keep their place in the waiting line or be moved to the end of the line for certain death. What happened to the Hippocratic Oath? Are the Non-Vaccinated becoming the Jews of our time?

In Germany, opponents of mandatory vaccination have already designed “Unvaccinated” signs that look like the Jew Star. The Text inside the star says “UNGEIMPFT” = “UNVACCINATED”. The text in the white field says: “If unvaccinated people endanger vaccinated people, what is the vaccination good for?” I find this logic rather convincing. Why are the CDC and Dr. Fauci not asking this question?

The non-vaccinated are increasingly treated by the media and government agencies as enemies of the people. Sort of a public menace that must be isolated or eliminated. The Jews were subjected to social rejection, discrimination, and humiliation. Isn’t this exactly how the media and governments in many countries are now attempting to treat the non-vaccinated?

I think it is. Last I looked, America was still based on individual freedom and liberty, not totalitarian government. What is more private and individual than your own body and your health? Maybe we need to replace the Statue of Liberty with a Statue of Karl Marx. And since America seems to be on a trajectory to becoming a communist fascist totalitarian regime, I have therefore proactively made a sign for myself fully expecting to be forced to wear it in the foreseeable future. Because, as always with totalitarianism, it begins with a thimble full and it ends with a bucket full.

Hey, land of the free and home of the brave, how far will we let this medical tyranny go?

Н епривитые всех стран, объединяйтесь!

Non-vaccinated of all countries, unite!

Non vaccinés de tous les pays, unissez-vous !

Non vaccinati di tutti paesi, unitevi.

¡No vacunados de todos países, uníos!


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