What I have learned from the “Pandemic”

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I still remember Lou Dobbs freaking out in his Fox New show screaming: “It is a pandemic. My God, it is a pandemic”. What is a pandemic?

An epidemic is a disease that is spread out over a significant but limited geographic area. A pandemic is a disease spread out over many countries or worldwide. Many people believe that ‘pandemic’ refers to a catastrophic, disastrous, and devastatingly deadly disease. Well, that belief is incorrect. Pandemic only refers to the geographic distribution of a disease, not its severity or deadliness.

Was or is the COVID flu a catastrophic, disastrous and devastatingly deadly disease? Here are some numbers that allow you to put the COVID flu into perspective:

During 1300 and 1500 AD, the Black Death killed an estimated 125 million people (approx. 650,000 p.a.), reducing world population in approx. 200 years by about 26% – from approx. 475 million to approx. 350 million.

In 1918, the Spanish Flu hit the world. Patterson and Pyle (1991) estimate that between 24.7 and 39.3 million people died from it. The widely cited study by Johnson and Mueller (2002) arrives at a much higher estimate of 50 million global deaths. But the authors suggest that this could be an underestimation and that the true death toll may have been as high as 100 million people. For the purpose of this exercise, let’s assume that the Spanish Flu killed only about 50 million people worldwide. The world population at the time was approx. 1.8 Billion. In other words: the Spanish Flu killed approx. 2.8% of the world population.

Two decades before the Spanish Flu the Russian Flu pandemic (1889-1894) is believed to have killed 1 million people. Estimates for the death toll of the “Asian Flu” (1957-1958) vary between 1.5 and 4 million. Gatherer (2009) published the estimate of 1.5 million, while Michaelis et al. (2009) published an estimate of 2–4 million. According to a WHO publication the “Hong Kong Flu” (1968-1969) killed between 1 and 4 million people. Michaelis et al. (2009) published a lower estimate of 1–2 million. The Russian Flu pandemic of 1977-78 was caused by the same H1N1 virus that caused the Spanish flu. According to Michaelis et al. (2009) around 700,000 people died from it, worldwide.

In 2018, the seasonal flu killed approx. 650,000 people. The world population at the time was approx. 7.5 Billion. In other words, the seasonal flu killed approx. 0.009% of the world population.

In 2020, COVID 19 (SARS 2 Cov) killed approx. 488,729 people and counting. The world population at the time was approx. 7.7 Billion. In other words, COVID killed approx. 0.006% of the world population – fewer than the seasonal flu in 2018.

Current estimates for the annual number of deaths from influenza are around 400,000 deaths per year. Paget et al (2019) suggest an average of 389,000 with an uncertainty range of 294,000 to 518,000. This means that in recent years the flu was responsible for the death of 0.0052% of the world population – one person out of 18,750.

What becomes clear from this overview are two things:

(1) Influenza pandemics are not rare and

(2) The Spanish Flu of 1918 was by far the most devastating influenza pandemic in recorded history.

(3) Compared to the above described pandemic events, the COVID pandemic pales to an event of minor severity.

Let’s not forget that COVID affects mostly elderly people. Approx. 95% of those who developed symptoms were over 65 years old. Only roughly 5% of those affected actually die. According to an Italian study, only about 0.002% of those who died were aged between one and 20 years. 95% of those who died (including the children) had serious comorbidities like diabetes, coronary or cardiac diseases, kidney problems or severe obesity etc.

According to the most recent data from the Chicago Police Department and the CDC, the number of children that have been shot this year (2021) in Chicago (302) is higher than the number of children who have been killed by the virus NATIONWIDE since the beginning of the pandemic (214). Makes you wonder, if our government has its priorities right.

Our government rushed to mandate that we all have to wear masks. By now, the CDC and even Dr. Fauci have admitted that masks do not work. The pores of the best masks are still three to four times larger than the largest viruses and wearing masks not only compromise our respiratory system, it also destroys socio-psychological human interaction – especially for children in the middle of their socialization process. The government mandated that we all be vaccinated with gene-based vaccines (mRNA) that were insufficiently tested for medium-term and long-term negative side effects making us all Guinea pigs. Meanwhile, it seems that these so-called vaccines that reprogram our immune system via nano particles, have all sorts of negative side effects and they do not even really protect against the virus, which is why all these many booster shots are needed .

Most of the newly infected are the multiple vaccinated. Dr. Kobi Haviv of the Herzog Hospital in Jerusalem said in 2021: “95% of the severe patients are vaccinated … 85% – 90% of the hospitalizations are fully vaccinated people… The effectiveness of the vaccine is waning, fading out.” Israel is one of the most vaccinated countries and they seem to have the most COVID recidivism.

But it was not the virus that caused the most damage. It was our government’s response. The government prohibited physicians and pharmacies from prescribing and selling well proven anti-virus treatments such as Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine (Resochin), or monoclonal antibodies. Instead, it pushed the vaccination mandates. mRNA is not a vaccine, at least not as it has been defined so far. A vaccine is a substance that causes and artificial infection, bacterial or viral, to induce an immune reaction from our immune system, which will enable the body to fight off the real infection, should it occur. mRNA however uses nano particles to send a gene-based programming message to our body cells to behave like infected cells in hopes that this would trigger an immune reaction of the body’s immune system. Seems that this is not quite what happens. CDC and Websters went so far to change their definition of ‘vaccine’ in order to include mRNA.

Then came the school closings (supported by the Teachers’ Union), the lock-downs of small business, which ruined a large part of the middle class, the collapse of the supply chain (supported by the unions) with the resulting empty shelves in our food stores, the break-down of our manufacturing base due to the lack of parts and labor. Essentially, these measures eliminated our civil liberties and our religious freedom. Is our alternative really now: health and slavery resp. liberty and death?

After having inflicted all these damages upon us, the government came to rescue us from the consequences of its misguided measures pouring trillions of borrowed and freshly printed money into the economy as “stimulus” money. The result of this ill-considered rescue action is now rampant inflation and the fast devaluation and ultimately the destruction of our currency. We are running into the fire, not away from it.

Did COVID do this? No. Our governments did this! The ruinous effects of the COVID pandemic were not caused by the virus itself but by the stupid or evil actions of our government that administered a cure that did more damage than the disease, dramatizing and propagandizing a relatively minor pandemic into a humanity-threatening disaster of Black-Death proportions.

I have learned from this that the founding fathers of our Republic were dam right when they based our Constitution on distrust in government. I have learned that we must not depend on foreign imports for essential goods. That we must protect our supply chains, that we should never trust the NIH or the CDC or Dr. Fauci with advice on how to organize our lives during a public health crisis. I have learned that those in power and those with a globalist agenda will never let a good crisis go to waste. They will make every possible effort to pull the wool over our eyes and deprive us of our liberty and freedom whenever an opportunity arises and in whichever way they can. All out of genuine compassion and for the greater good, of course.

We must not let this happen.

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