The amazing story, how Chicken Licken Cooper finally got into what it deserved – freeeeee

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Chicken Licken was a chicken
All afraid to take a lickin’
From the global atmosphere.
“Guess, I have to leave from here. 
I must find a safer spot
Where things will not get so hot.”
Things not being to its liking
Chicken Licken started hiking.
Off she ran to other nations
And foreignious locations
To high mountains and the sea
To the desert she would flee
Hoping to get out of range 
Of the global climate change.
Ach, the desert was just churning,
Hot the sand, the sun was burning.
Chicken Licken clamored “No, 
To Siberia I go.”
But Siberia was freezing.
She caught a cold and started sneezing.
Italy was way too mild.
Africa was way too wild. 
Himálaya had too much ice.
NYC too many mice.
Licken finally clicked the link
To the on-line chicken shrink. 
“No one, Doctor, if not you,
Can advise me what to do.” 
Said the doctor: “That is just fine, uh,
Move on to North Carolina.
To Columbia you must go,
On the River Scuppernough.
There, on twenty sixty-three,
Levels Road, quite easily
You will find a coup sans malice
They call ‘Edith’s Chicken Palace’.”
Off she went on 64 
West to Master Oakes’ door.
And she said to Master Oake(s):
“I am thirsty. Give me coke(s)?”
Here’s your coke. Now pay up chicken,
Or I’ll give you a good lickin’”. 
She carried on on 94 
Till she came to Edith’s door.”
Lo and behold and there it was:
A chicken palace extra class.
“Now” said Licken “this is super.” 
And she made her last name ‘Cooper’. 
And she said to Edith “Hey”,
Will you feed me every day? 
Will you give me chicken beer,
(water) while I’m living here?” 
Edith said “Just live with me
And what you deserve is free. 
Under one condition though:
One egg daily or you go! 
To provide a daily booster
We do have a no-cost rooster.
And insurance policy
From the A-X Company.
If you slack and get too lax
You are guaranteed the AX.
Now, walk in this coop I mind you
And I’ll close the gate behind you.” 
Licken Cooper was chick happy,
Emailed to her ma and pappy,
And her sisters and her brothers,
And her cousins and to others:
“911  -  911 – 
it’s right cozy in this heaven.
Not too cold and not too warm
A rooster who won’t do you harm,
All we have to do – hurray –
Is to lay one egg a day.
You can do that, all of you,
‘cause you can what I do.”
And they came from far and wide 
To the chicken Herrlichkeit,
Which from here to Texas Dallas
All call “Edith’s Chicken Palace.” 
And they lived in this great coop
Till they turned to chicken soup.

Amen (God wills it!)

Merrycluckcrowcheepchuckchirppeepcockadoodledoo Christmas

Love – Florian

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