COVID 19 – Obedience Training for Renitent Citizens

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In one of my earlier articles, I have argued that collectivism (socialism/communism) needs globalism and global governance, because it cannot successfully compete with free-market capitalism. While capitalist market economy and the associated free and open democratic society are based on self-motivated, productive, and greedy individuals pursuing their happiness and accepting inequity as the inevitable downside of individual liberty, collectivist models focus on government as the source of everything, a centralized planned command economy with safety and equity as the core values, and accept the loss of liberty and freedom – except, of course, for the ruling elite, which always exempts itself form its own rules and restrictions.

Several nations have tried the implementation of a collectivist economy and society. The most famous attempt was the Soviet Union. I have some personal experience with that one. At age 16, I started learning Russian and at age 18, I spoke it quite well. In 1958, the Soviets opened a Tourist Bureau called “Inturist” allowing Westerners in as Tourists for the first time. I was among the second group to visit. At night, I met with young Russians on Moscow’s Nevsky Prospect to barter blue jeans against Krimskoye and to debate. The people I met were all in their mid-twenties. This was the generation of Mikhail Gorbachev (born in 1931). I was surprised by their passionate and total rejection of the Soviet system. “We are supposed to have social justice” they said. “But instead, you must have connections to the “nomenklatura”, the ruling class, if you want to get a new toilet seat, leave alone a car. We have no free press or media. There are no competing political parties. If you criticize the system, you are sent to the GULAG. Everything is in short supply. There are no career choices and no opportunities. Critical or creative thinking are prohibited. An overwhelmingly powerful bureaucracy administers the lack of everything for all, while its members themselves have access to everything. This is not the paradise of workers and farmers. It is brutal dictatorship and oppression.” they complained.

I went back to Germany predicting that the Soviet Union would collapse whenever this disillusioned and disappointed generation would reach the levers of power. It finally collapsed because the attempt of paying for enforced equality, equity, and safety with a complete loss of individual liberty, competition, and self-motivation resulted in a totalitarian control society in which the ruling elite had everything, and the people had very little. Ceteris paribus. Show me one collectivist society where the people live affluent lives, are free to critique their government without fear, and develop their talents to pursue their happiness.

One of my brothers used to belong to the Communist Workers’ Association of Germany. He would eventually admit that all attempts to implement Communism, defined by Marx as Socialism without government, or even just Socialism, failed to achieve the promised mass liberation but achieved mass oppression instead. China, Russia, Cuba, Vietnam – they all got it wrong because “they took the wrong approach” he insisted. The Marxist theory is never wrong, only its implementations. Collectivists believe that there are two main causes for their lack of success in implementing paradise on earth:

  • Firstly, as long as collectivist systems must compete against capitalist systems, people can leave the collectivist-controlled country or move their business to a free-market country. As long as people can escape collectivist rule by emigration, it cannot be firmly established. The lure of enrichment and individual success is strong and makes people run away from risk-free but drab government-administered equity and safety.
  • Secondly, people do not have the right mindset to accept collectivist core values and to live in a collectivist society. This is especially true for creative, self-motivated people with drive and ambition. These people accept the fact that individual liberty comes with the risk of failure and that the freedom to make your own decisions always implies the possibility of wrong decisions.

The logical conclusion is that collectivists must:

  1. Achieve global governance. To achieve it, they must destroy the Nation State. To destroy the Nation State, they must destroy the national, ethnic, and cultural identities of all nations. Our immigration policy and the immigration policy of the EU, in particular of Germany, are designed to flood these countries with aliens who bring other languages, other religions, and conflicting values with them that are at least partly incompatible with our own moral and legal principles. Collectivists demand the abolition of borders. But a country without borders is no longer a country. They try to destroy our military’s capability to defend against invasion and intrusion from abroad. With our military leadership being more concerned about gender equality than combat efficiency they have well-nigh achieved that.
  2. Destroy our value system. The so-called “Common Core” program of our public-school system emphasizes group conformity and other-directedness and steers away from competitiveness, inner-directedness, and any attempt to excel above average. Soon, they will ban barbaric competitive sports like football, boxing, wrestling or car racing. To strive for excellence is seen as the pursuit of domination and hence a source of inequity. Our public school and higher education systems and our popular culture promote dependence on government support and the notion that everybody is entitled to everything (listen to your TV ads: you deserve it, it’s free) not because of any particular performance or contribution to society you made but just because you exist. The Green new Deal demands a government provided basic salary for all those who “cannot work or do not want to work”. No need to make an effort to carry your own weight. Soon, only such sports or games will be permitted that produce winners only. All strive for individual liberty, freedom, and excellence will be eliminated. People must be educated to accept and even welcome serious government interference in their lives and to give up their traditional concept of individual decision-making and personal responsibility.

To get the American people to give up their civil liberties and their religious freedom and accept global governance, nothing does a better job than good old fear. The collectivists have concocted two major global scare crows: Man Made Global Warming and the COVID 19 “Pandemic”. In nuce, these fear generators work as follows:

Humans burn fossil fuels and emit so-called greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, mainly CO2. To stop this, all consumption of fossil fuel must end, and consequently human energy consumption must be greatly reduced. Electricity will replace fossil fuels only to a very limited extent. We would have to produce a lot more electric power if we wanted to maintain current levels of energy consumption. Solar and wind cannot possibly fill the gap even if we plastered up the entire land mass of our planet with windmills and solar panels. So where will the additional energy come from? From nowhere, because it will not be needed. Read Ms. Ocasio’s “Green New Deal”. The long-term perspective is: no more air traffic, no more private ownership of cars, only government-controlled land traffic, no air conditioning or heating, no private home ownership. People must be removed from all rural areas and concentrate in giant cities where they live like ants in an ant hill and can only use public transportation. And, of course, cows must be terminated because they fart methane. If you don’t believe my words, read the “Green New Deal”. Here is a link: (

The implementation of such a program would clearly be one of the most far-reaching and radical control systems of human life that have ever been attempted. The underlying logic is: if you resist these restrictions you become guilty of destroying the climate and planet earth. You are not only the reason why other people live in fear (the end is near!) but you are also a climate criminal who must not only be shunned but eliminated (AOC: reprogramming camps).

The COVID 19 pandemic is more a ready-made quick-fear theory. The Chinese needed to get rid of Trump and so did the US progressive collectivists. COVID 19 btw is the name of the disease. It is caused by a virus called SARS CoV 2. This virus was apparently originally developed in the US until the NIH objected. The virus was then moved to the Wuhan lab, from where it escaped either by intent or ineptitude. SARS 2 is a flu virus and not more dangerous than any other flu virus. It mainly affects older people (typically people over 50) and it is life-threatening mainly for people with so-called preexisting comorbidities. According to the CDC, the virus is particularly dangerous for people with

  • essential hypertension,
  • disorder of the lipid metabolism,
  • obesity,
  • diabetes with and without complications,
  • coronary atherosclerosis and other heart diseases,
  • esophageal disorder,
  • chronic kidney disease,
  • anxiety and fear-related disorders,
  • COPD and bronchiectasis,
  • thyroid disorders,
  • depressive disorders,
  • implant device or graft-related encounter,
  • sleep-wake disorders,
  • osteoarthritis,
  • aplastic anemia, and
  • asthma.

Again, according to the CDC, out of 4,899,447 hospitalized people, only 540,667 (11%) had actually COVID 19. Out of patients hospitalized with COVID 19, 94.9% had at least one of the a.m. conditions. The median age of all the COVID 19 patients was 66 years. According to UNICEF data, out of 2.7 million COVID 19 deaths only 0.3% (just above 8,700) were children and adolescents under 20 years. These numbers clearly show that COVID 19 is a deadly danger mainly for older people with an already compromised immune system. It is in fact not much of a “pandemic” at all. Let us compare deaths between COVID 19 and the last two big flu seasons in 2018 and 2019.

OK, three times more than the 2017/18 flu. Let us also look at the mortality rates in the US.

20152,712,630Increase – 86,212 – 3.28%
20162,744,248Increase – 31,618 – 1.16%
20172,813,503Increase – 69,255 – 2.52%
20182,839,206Increase – 25,703 – 1%
20192,855,000Increase – 15,794 – 0.55%
2020 2,913,144Increase – 58,144 – 2%

Where is the huge increase in deaths due to COVID 19? Mortality in 2020 looks pretty much in sync with mortality rates in previous years. And the total mortality rate for 2020 is not much higher in spite of more deaths through COVID 19, because most of these COVID patients would have died anyway from their preexisting comorbidities. No reason to freak out. But if you question masks, 6-feet distance, business closings, and the so-called “vaccination” (which, at least in the case of mRNA, is really not a vaccination at all but a manipulation of the human immune system by means of nano particles), you risk being called anti-social or even a murderer. Back to the good old witch-burning days?

The right response to the COVID 19 threat would then have been to protect sick older people and in the long run let the virus run its course until the majority of the people have developed “herd immunity”, i.e. natural immunity through the development of anti-bodies (mainly IgM and IgG). Instead, this limited flu was touted as a mankind-threatening pandemic and governments word-wide rushed to take drastic measures that were allegedly necessary to prevent humankind from becoming extinct.

The left- leaning elites of Europe and the USA quickly realized that the “pandemic” was a god-sent crisis they could not allow to go to waste. The most serious damage was not done by COVID 19 but buy the government countermeasures. A typical case of the cure doing more harm than the disease. This was all initiated under Trump, who naively allowed Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx, both physicians, to run the show. A multi-dimensional problem should have called for a multi-dimensional approach and a businessman like Trump should have known better than to permit it to be falsely reduced to a purely medical problem. Instead, he allowed the left-wing activists to force all people to wear masks and to keep 6 feet “social distance” (a misnomer – if you no longer visits the Johnsons, you practice social distance – if you keep 6 feet away from other people you practice physical distance). Bars, gyms, movie theaters, public transportation, restaurants, even banks, and many other businesses were and still are ordered closed. Infractions were and are punished with fines and incarceration. They tried to shut down and destroy the entire middle class, the small business owners who are not only the backbone of the labor market but also the bedrock of liberty and freedom in this country. The mask-mandate served to de-individualize us all. It is for a reason that bank robbers wear masks. The human face is our main individual identifier. It is also our main instrument of social interaction. Not being able to see a person’s facial expression constitutes a serious impediment to social, psychological, linguistic, and emotional communication. And 6 feet distance? We say things like “Let’s stay in touch” or “His presentation was touching” or “His words touched everybody’s heart” etc. – you get the drift. Touching another human being is a basic human need. How about sex without touching?

Some people think that this was not a deliberate act but just a fearful overreaction. If you think that, please read “COVID 19 – the Great Reset” by World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab and the French journalist Thierry Malleret. They clearly see and promote the COVID 19 disease as an opportunity to destroy or weaken political, social, and economic structures that, from the perspective of the globalist collectivist, appear undesirable – among them the entire presently existing entrepreneurial middle class with its core value of individual liberty and freedom. Once you understand what these people are planning and aspiring – the collectivist global New World Order – you will also see what the COVID 19 response of our government really was: an exercise in obedience designed to ween the free and the brave off their antiquated values of individual liberty and free entrepreneurship.

To force us into obedience and submission, the collectivists will continue to conger up or stage or prolong alleged global threats that instill enough fear in the average citizen to consider the loss of his/her liberty and independence a small and necessary sacrifice to save the climate and humankind.

But you know and I: it’s a lie.

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